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13 MAY 2011:

It's been a BUSY 2 weeks! 2 Bachelorette parties, and one wedding, Vegas and Miami all at one go! Wedding season is here again.

Will update once i unpack!

2 MAY 2011:

Just a note. For people who like to write negative comments, have the decency to write to me as a confident and respected person using your own LSN account. Posting negative comments anonymously is SO last year.

Secondly, I did debate the thought of simply creating another website to blog on, but now I'm going to blog even more vigorously on LSN.

I really don't understand what the fuss is about me blogging on LSN? Had I made the effort to forcefully make each and every one of you glue your eyes to my blog, I would understand why it might be controversial. However, even though this is a numbers website, this page is left open to readers who enjoy my writing, simultaneously it is equally open for you to ignore and NOT click on if you decide that my blogs are not your cup of tea. So as a disclaimer, in case it was not already pointed out by simple common sense: CaliHopeful is simply a fun and personal blog for viewers who wish to read what is posted. I am NOT forcing you to read my blog, and should you decide not to...then don't! If you have a problem with it, then simply browse to another LSN blog that suits your needs better. No need to be rude or waste your energy writing negativity! Simple as that no?

And please, if you do have something to say, have the balls to not post anonymously. Trust me, I'll respect your opinion much more. Once again, I love and invite all ideas and criticism, but only done in a tasteful and respected manner. That entails not posting anonymously and giving me the chance to write back to you as human to human, not human to scardy cat behind their computer screen.

1 MAY 2011:

The months just keep zipping by don't they. Can't stress enough how fast time flies. I'm really hoping that I at least get REJECTIONS this week. This is because as you already know, I have been waitlisted left and right at almost every school (minus cooley and phoenix law - the 2 places i applied to for the 12 dollar app factor). At this point, a rejection is highly welcomed because it at least offers me a sense of closure. Being on the fence of a half yes/no is like a dark cloud that hangs over you and you're not sure if it's going to rain like hell or just stay cloudy. Rejections at this rate will give me peace of mind to be honest, so I know if I should move on to other plans. Right now I'm in this ultimate state of limbo. Planning new options at this point still feels too premature, yet lingering on to this waitlist applicant status feels like I'm dragging on the inevitable. WHAT DO I DOOOOO!!!!

28 APRIL 2011:

Out of sheer nervousness and utter confusion, I have not checked actual school numbers on LSN. I simply log on to update my own blog spot or do some minor creeping on my beloved LSN pals. Other than that, I stray away from the lurking onto school profiles and looking at the number of acceptances/rejections. Why you say? Because my blood pressure rises to 150/90 and hypertension is an understatement when I see these numbers. I get confuzzled at why CoolGuy2 with a 139 gets accepted and stress about LawGaL4 who has better numbers than I do and got waitlisted. As usual, my mind loves to wander off into law school purgatory land and I sit at my screen for 5 hours having a mental debate on what I should do with my life.

The white default background that LSN administrators have kindly given to us to blog on also remind me of a mental asylum - not helping the law school purgatory mind wandering. White backgrounds added with hypertension and mind purgatories are not conducive to generating thoughtful blogs and providing my body with basic HEALTH. With that said...
I checked out some LSN school profiles today. *JAW DROPPER! There were some confusing numbers today, and it's going to fester in my mind as to what my rank in the race is going to be at this point. Next blog I'm going to literally type out a waitlist letter to you guys, word for word. It's quite the LOL. Stay tuned.

24 APRIL 2011:

Setting low expectations of yourself. Probabblyyyy not the type of qualities that your family and friends have promoted for your well being. However, being humble and not setting the bar so high for yourself affords you the freedom of never letting anyone down. *insert LOL here.

I wish I had gone back in time and tried to do a bit more of that. This is not to say you should give up all hopes and dreams and die in a hole. Though - sometimes life unfolds unexpectedly and whatever standards you have set for yourself might become more difficult than anticipated. That's not to say it's unachievable, but who knew my journey to law school is now comparable to a root canal with no drugs. Perhaps if I could go back in time and told my friends and family that I wanted pursue hygiene and sanitation engineering, law school would be less stressful to get to and a wonderful upgraded surprise from janitor school.

23 APRIL 2011:

It's not what you know, it's who you know.
There's a whole world out there besides that thin fancy latin font piece of paper you treasure that's framed oh so delicately on your mantle. I do believe that no matter what you major in, pursue study in, or where you get it from, life itself becomes so much grander than what we picture it to be while we're still in backpacks loaded on energy drinks for the next exam. There are people out there with absolutely no professional educational training, yet have risen above expectations becoming moguls of our time. I don't know if these are just the kind of people that are too smart for school, gotten lucky, or just knew the right people at the right time. Who knows? But this all really stems back to the idea that if you have a vision, what's to stop you?

This is why I'm really not afraid of this ridiculous tier 4 tier one million talk. There are so many things you can do with your life, a law degree or any degree for that matter does not define who you are, or constrict you to what you think you "should" be doing. In addition to that, does it matter where you get it from? Froo froo stuck up people of course, DO think this matters. But thirty years from now when people have moved onto the latter steps of their lives and continue on whatever path it is that they choose, I think we'll find more solace in what we did with our degrees than where we got them. Maybe your goal is to save the amazon and use your degree to free the next Nelson Mandela. On the flip side, it might be more important to you to go to Stanford to climb that corporate ladder to rule the world, but Steve Jobs was a dropout and seems to be doing A-ok to me. If that IS your vision in life, then fulfill it. But again, you will find more solace in how you've executed your vision. Whatever tier you went to, it will become nothing but a speck in the wind.
Of course, more power to you if you went to Harvard.

19 APRIL 2011 (it's almost 12am anyways):

Three words to describe me:
1. Optimistic (sometimes overly...).
2. Resilient.
3. I like to keep it real. Ok that one wasn't a "word" per-say.

Being optimistic is what keeps you from having to attend monthly therapy sessions and getting prescribed bi-polar pills from the doc. Even when you lose faith in thinking about the glass half full (due to various trends of historical disappointment), think of optimism as a free cure for premature aging and mental illness. It's going to ease your mind through those what-ifs in life, and it keeps your adrenaline for life pumping at a consistent high. I hate to get all spiritual on you, but it's a motto in life that you should take into consideration. It balances your Chi, and positive vibes = positive aura, and that sums up to sanity and ultimate happiness.

Resilience. This is key to surviving the downward spiraling effects of...*Drumroll..LIFE. Life sucks sometimes, it really does. Honestly, some days I go into a deep meditation that consists of "WTF" moments and "HOW DID I GET HERE." I'm sure you do too, don't shifty eye me! I went from a 1.4 GPA in my first year of undergraduate studies, to a 3.1. This entailed my last 3 years of getting nothing but straight A's and nothing below an 80 - full course load. I bombed my LSATs twice, and 144 seemed as though it was the best thing I could muster out of my puny little brain. I stuck through it and achieved a decent score in the mid 150s. Now I've become extra late in the game, waitlisted everywhere, and nowhere can I see a decent acceptance in sight. Hurdle after hurdle. Pushing through crappy times is what your mind and body were made to do, and defines the strong from the weak. Just remember: eye on the prize.
Resilience is something you should build and practice, to withstand God's sneaky life battles that he throws in our faces to see how well we tread in rough waters. Those who make it to shore end up with the nice house, nice cars, and the hot 22 year old wife (or in my case, tall dark and handsome hubby).
And those who don't make it to shore? Um...refer to person mentioned in post dated April 9th 2011.
(lol i jokeeee).

Keeping it real. At least that's what the kids are calling it these days. There is no need to be fake, stuck up, pretentious, or pretend to be like someone you're not. Be honest, be humble, be fair. I'm pretty sure there are people with 4.0s on this website who probably aren't the sharpest tools in the shed, and maybe some with low LSATs but could rock you in a game of timed chess. Be true to who you are, and don't judge.
P.S. My GPA is a 3.1, but I'm awesome at Rockband 3, challengers?

18 APRIL 2011:

There is something so eerie yet thought provoking about death. I was notified that a high school teacher of mine passed away recently. She was genuinely my mentor and my motivator in life. Perhaps one of the few teachers who have inspired me to re-think my career choices about law, and maybe pursue teaching.

I have experienced the passing of loved ones before, yet every single time the news hits, it is like a shock of reality. I am one of those people who does not take life for granted, and I even say a mini prayer before I get into my car and drive to the grocery store. You honestly never know when God is calling time up. Take your time in life. Everyone is consistently running to get to point B from point A, without taking out the time to let the good qualities of life sink in. This is why I've maintained the notion to everyone on LSN (and in life) to be as positive as you can in life. It's so easy to be mean, rude, pass judgment, or hold a grudge. I am one to be guilty of some of those things, but make a conscious effort to change something about yourself every day. When your time is up, some day or another, it'd be nice to say you've fulfilled the best life you could. After all, you only get one.

15 APRIL 2011:

So I know my posts lately have been very spaced out, and not as daily as they used to be. Truth life sucks. lol. It's ridiculously uneventful, and the fact that I posted a blog on my birthday pretty much sums it all. I just hope that nobody gets bored of reading what I have to say, or LSN doesn't kick me outta here for being such a loser or something. I don't want to end up becoming one of those people who will write a post about eating a sandwich or walking a dog that day, or feeding the sandwich to that dog..

Thought of the day:
There are certain things in your life that you really don't need to know. Like what x, y, z thinks of your a, b, c. Realistically the words and opinions of these people don't matter. But once you know, it festers in your mind and starts forming a mind of its own. You dwell and think "well what could I have done better/last time/next time to make this person think differently" or just wish you didn't have to know altogether. There are certain pieces of information deemed unnecessary. Maybe that's why God made us non-telepathic.

*that tid bit had nothing to do with law school. It was just a thought. see? this is why I don't blog everyday, my thoughts are so dumb!

14 APRIL 2011:

So I have to say that 2011 is definitely my year of computer issues. FUNNY enough I was downloading a "free" law school pamphlet online (yes it was a sketchy website, should've known), and suddenly I'm getting this huge pop up from a "virus scanner" called MS REMOVER TOOL notifying me of the billionth virus on my computer. Turns out these virus creators are so sneaky, they've made a fake anti-virus program to look like a real one, and that my friend, IS the virus.
Duno if that made sense....anyhoo.

Aside from my tech problems, I have absolutely nothing to report about. Except for the fact that indeed it is my birthday today! Only dorks blog on their birthday. The rest of the day will entail spring cleaning, and possibly jogging to the nearest whole foods and getting myself a mini cupcake. JOYYY.
will be back later for more inspired blogging when my endorphins are at its highest after my workout.

9 April 2011:

It's been a while since I posted! Every time I get around to LSN it seems as though I've caught writer's block syndrome. Then at very odd hours during the day when I have left my laptop to marinate alone on my desk, I suddenly think of a million things I want to blog about. Funny how life works like that. The things you want most in life seem to never come, but the things that you rarely expect or seem to desire least always fall onto your lap calling out your name like a desperate hawk. Tis the laws of the universe.

Aside from my "delightful" seeming personality on my LSN blog, I'm actually quite a bitter person inside. I've been very irritated by a girlfriend lately, who consistently likes to rub it in my face about all of the fantastic top tier schools she's applying to, and it never fails her to remind me why tier 4's are too "below her," (yes, she knows exactly which schools I'm applying to and therefore likes to bump up her ego by subtly throwing in a few jabs at my tier 4 applicant status). She has always maintained that she is too good for anything below a top100. I hate to say this, but I genuinely think I'm much more intelligent than she is, however I'm aiming in accordance to what I believe will get me closer to what I want. The punchline in all of this is that her GPA is far below mine (low 2's and verging about a 1!!!) and her LSAT is merely decent. Of course, as a good friend I smile to every shot she takes at me, and never bother to even mention that her dismal GPA stinks! She's writing her test again this June, so I think in her mind she is banking for 170 or something in order for her to stand a chance. As delusional as she is, I still don't know why I call her a friend. I guess sometimes pity overpowers clear judgment on who you should call your friends.
To answer a possibly FAQ to this post: no, she does not know I have an LSN blog. If she did though, this one's for you! bitch.

*update: i wrote this post right after a very stressful coffee date I had with her. got home, did some yoga, and have calmed myself down. However, I have decided to delete her from my blackberry contact list.

3 APRIL 2011:

Can't believe it's already April! 2011 is just zipping by isn't it. As does time in general.

I read a blog post today by a student in high school (yeah I read blogs from all age groups), and she blurbed about her college applications and the effects of underrepresented minority groups in the application process. As we know, this too applies to law school admissions. Disregarding her slightly immature rant, her underlying point circled around the idea that she felt it was an unfair advantage for those with similar numbers but received acceptances before she did - simply because of their minority status (I am assuming that she is Asian or Caucasian, since these two groups are not considered a URM). Fyi this sucks for me because I am Asian. Nonetheless.

I've had my own personal thoughts with regards to this topic as well, and personally I think she brings about a valid point. There are so many ways to look at URM issues however, so it really is a matter on what take you put on it. Many think that schools have a quota to fill, and therefore accept URMs with relatively below average numbers simply based on their need to fill these quotas. Of course, I can sympathize with those who may feel this is unfair. Numbers are numbers and I agree that all should be accepted based on merit, and on fair merit. Purple, yellow, orange, black, brown, I do NOT believe anybody has better or less intellectual capacity based on color or race. I truly believe that it is ridiculous to think that just because someone is XYZ color/background that they are any smarter or dumber than you. Ergo, it should be a fair race for every admission offered. If you have been on law school predictor, you will notice that if you select URM, you will receive many more positive results than if you did not.

Playing devil's advocate, I also believe that it is important to maintain a balanced student body. My undergraduate campus was VERY multicultural, and I honestly don't think my experience would have been as great as it was if it wasn't. Maybe it's because I'm Asian, but whatever color that I may be, I genuinely believe in the importance of being equally surrounded by different people in order to balance our life perspectives. I have African, Indian, Italian, Greek, and even Rastafarian friends. So - if it means that my admissions committee is accepting XYZ number of students based on URM status alone, then it may be well worth looking past the merit perspective and understanding that studying in a balanced and multicultural atmosphere is priceless. The experience and friendships you make with different kinds of people define who you are, and in some ways it even makes you a more tolerant and well rounded person (there's a bigger world out there than just North America!). As a sidenote, I don't think any of my multicultural "URM" counterparts were any less or more intelligent as fellow classmates.

Lastly, although what I'm about to say may not sit well with some, I think the URM aspect of the admissions process is in a way giving everyone a fair chance (paradox to my merit argument). Though I stand by my point that every color and culture stands on equal footing when it comes to intellectual capacity, what is internal is not always equal to what is external. By this, I mean that sometimes our only fault is being born. Some are born with less, grew up in a rough neighborhood, experienced bad parenting, or whatever it may be. This does not mean that you are not naturally intelligent, but society is not fair to all and sometimes it's your environment that holds you back. Believe me, nobody is born and suddenly wakes up thinking "I'd like to commit a crime today" or "I'd like to fail my SATs today." Society's natural bond to stratification is what gravitates people (not by choice) to the decisions they make and the actions they pursue. So, your bad SAT scores or your failed classes in college is not always a good indication that you're stupid. If Einstein were born on the bad side of town, perhaps we would still not know what E equals to.
This is why the URM is so important. It gives some of us a chance, and in a way it looks pasts your numbers and gives you a rare opportunity to finally be on equal footing with others who are just as intelligent as you. This is why I always maintain the fact that we should always remain positive and cordial to everyone around us, EVEN ONLINE *eh hem. It's so easy to pass judgment on others when we ourselves only see what is presented to us on the surface, without experiencing or understanding the story behind people. Thoughts?

29 MARCH 2011 (2:30am so technically still 28th for me):

Does anybody care about what I look like? This is totally off base and completely random. Perhaps it's the 2:30am jitters talking. I'm not only a blogger, but avid blog follower as well. I love eccentric blogs, as well as even the boring ones. There are those odd times where I'd like to put a face to the person behind the words. It's like reading a book and imagining the scenery and characters in your head, and when you see the movie you're either enlightened or disappointed depending on your original take. Are you ever curious to know how your readers mentally portray you, based on how you write? I once read a blog about a guy who always wrote about food in every post and I thought he was critically obese or something, turned out he was a young fit personal trainer. Go figure. Food for thought: do you think the admissions attempt to picture you when reading your statements? i regret talking about how that donut led me to law school....
Well, for what it's worth, if LSN had a Display Picture option, it'd be cool to see you guys!

28 MARCH 2011:

It hit me today that the birthday is coming up, and I'm turning a year older. Wiser not sure, but older for sure. Oh ya and still not in law school...

As fudgetastic as it feels to grow older and still not know where your life is headed, sometimes not getting what you want is a stroke of wonderful luck. I really grew this past year (albeit it was a stressful year of doing nothing), but I have honestly learned so many lessons. Patience is one of them (lol), and just letting everything pan out the way it should. Who knows, maybe next year I'll be on MSN (med school numbers, if that exists..? Ding ding lightbulb idea??!!).
I've spent a good chunk of my life worrying about what comes next, and how to fit everything perfectly into my life timeline. At this rate I might be in school until I'm 40, but who cares! Honestly, you will never get this very second of your life back, nor will you get this day or this very week of your life back. So as corny as this sounds, live in the moment. Wouldn't it suck if the last thing you ever did in your life (god forbid) was sit behind your screen reading some geeky asian girl's blog on law school? Yeah, that would be really embarrassing for you. Totally. So whatever it is on your bucket list that you wish you did, or thought you might wanna try, i'm begging you to DO IT. Travel, find a hobby, or hell fly a kite I duno, just don't regret the things you never did. Regret is something that can weigh so heavily on the heart...
My dream of law school is slowly dimming, sadly. Rarely have good news to report to you guys, but truthfully, I'm still in the game and I don't want to quit just yet. In the meantime, I am just living in the moment!

On that note, seriously, someone, does MSN exist??? If no, anyone know html/flash? Let's be business partners ;)
screw law school!

27 MARCH 2011:
*It's 3am and I'm still awake so technically it's still the 27th for me. I will admit that I was a little afraid to check my LSN because I didn't have the heart to deal with all the "haters." Regardless, as a fellow LSNer, I vowed to be open and courteous to everyone who happens to stumble on my humble blog. I hope my replies were well written and answered all of your questions thoroughly. Last thing, I deleted some of the negative comments that were publicly posted on my LSN "wall." Although these people posted as anonymous (duh, of course), please know that it had nothing to do with me not wanting anyone to see your words. The reason is that I don't want to start welcoming uninvited negativity to my account. I wanted to answer your anonymous comments nonetheless, but I decided that the haterade you were drinking was not worth it.

I'm no longer a Safari browser user but I'm finally on firefox! I have read all of your inbox notes, and after attempting to explain myself to the same darn questions I decided to not reply to anymore for today. Most of the same questions have already been addressed in my blog, but for those who are just dying to know, I hope this next tid bit satisfies your curious souls.
-My LSAT was in the 150s and my GPA is 3.1 (happy...?)
-I'm applying to schools in the MIAMI, NYC, and CALIFORNIA area, as well as a few in between.
-I had a horrible cycle this past January, with literally 2 acceptances in places I couldn't bear going to. My heart was not in it, so I'm trying my luck for Fall 2011 cycle.
---> As a result, taking in some advice from the very same people who are questioning why I don't want to post numbers, I decided to stay a little bit below the radar this round because I don't want to take any chances. As I've said, you never know who is reading.

I was a lil surprised and somewhat struck by some of the mean spirited inbox notes I received. Seriously guys, what is the big deal? I'm truly not forcing anyone to follow my blog by any means, and I'm just a simple gal trying to document and vent through this stressful journey! Although I'm dying to copy/paste some of the rude comments to publicly display all the negativity going on around here, I won't.
At the same time, much thank you to the kinder questions and comments from some of my beloved readers, I truly appreciate the love and i send it right back as always.

24 MARCH 2011:

Woke up to a thin envelope on my desk today, assumed right away it was a rejection - but of course, it was a waitlist. I don't know what it is about me, everyone seems to be on the fence about me. Waitlist is DEATH. You try and try to stay positive, hoping just MAYBE you'll slip right in, but it never happens and you just wasted months of your life. I know, I'm really grim about this topic, but from my past experience I can't say waitlisting is my favorite topic to blog about (and stay positive with).

On my way to drop off more law school related stuff at the post office, let me brief you all on some public transit etiquette (i live on the east coast right now so the subway is my best friend). The train is packed with no seats available, while 16 year old Josh is sitting there pretending to be oblivious to the world around him with ipod earphones on. Dude, your bag needs to go. It's the biggest pet peeve to see pregnant/elderly people standing on a crowded train while kids have their feet up on a seat or treat their backpacks as people and rest their sh*t on an empty seat. Next week: how to train your teenagers with a beating stick.

23 MARCH 2011:

So I've gotten out of the habit of stalking my mailman everyday, which is very good. Good news usually comes when you least expect it, so I'm hoping my "carefree" (somewhat) attitude is going to work for me this time. It's all up to the law gods now.

Motto for today is: Drink tequila before you check the mail.

21 MARCH 2011:

If there are any computer geeks out there, perhaps you can shed some light on why I can't seem to access my inbox!?

I'm debating the thought of attending open houses/information sessions. It can either be totally boring and useless, or actually informative and it might be that one chance you get to personally impress the admissions (and assuming that they will remember you). I tend to get really nervous at these things. I start to ramble and ramble like the biggest loser on the planet, and instead of saying "thanks, I'm fine," I will end up talking about plankton overgrowth in the Amazons or rant about my knowledge on poisonous plants of the Congo region. Not to mention my stomach growls at the most inappropriate times. It will be a serious silent moment and of course, my stomach will make churning sounds like a hungry Nicaraguan child. This is the point where the entire room flips their heads back trying to pinpoint where the sound is coming from. Like clockwork, I do my part in pretending to flip my head left and right wondering "oh gee golly, who could that be!" Note to self: load up on the pink pepto.

After that thought, I think I've decided to pass on the open houses.

20 MARCH 2011:

It's already end of March? Where does the time go. I still remember it being a cloudy November day when I started this blog! I have no news to update everyone on, except that USPS has assured me that my new application packages were officially delivered. I'm not sure what to feel, hopeful yet cautious?

18 MARCH 2011:

Hi everyone! I wanted to take this blog post to briefly get your opinion on something. Since I've decided not to post my numbers this time around, I'm getting the feeling that I'm "breaking" LSN rules (since I do understand that numbers are the whole point of this website). With that said, I am contemplating about the idea of creating my own blog on a separate website. Perhaps that would be easier for everyone?

Again, I truly apologize to those who don't agree with me not posting my scores. I just didn't have too much luck in my previous cycle, and I guess I didn't want to take any chances this time around. You never know who is reading! I do try my very best to be as courteous and positive as possible, while remaining true to myself and my readers. With that said, you never know who is lurking on these sites and it just takes that one phrase to be construed the wrong way! Please forgive me, I absolutely don't want to offend anyone by not posting my scores (in case you did feel offended), and I completely understand that this entire site IS based on numbers. I just hope you guys can understand =(

16 MARCH 2011:

Mailed out a new personal statement today to selected schools as I was asked to, and continuing to wait out this grueling game called "waiting."

I'm still debating about adding more schools to my list, but it's mid march so I'm assuming I'm way too late in the game by now. What does everyone think about Golden Gate Law? and Western State? If you guys have feedback, I'd love to hear! Ideally I'd like to be in the California area, if possible. Note to other applicants, if you don't plan on attending a certain school, withdraw! I know (believe me I speak from experience) that even if you have zero plans of attending a particular school, it just feels so good to hold that seat JUST in case. You never know right? Then you withdraw at the very last minute, and by then it's too late and you've pretty much ruined another person's chance of going there. It's easy to be selfish when you hold the upper hand, but karma can go a long way. So build some of that good stuff and it will return to you in some form or another when you least expect it!

11 MARCH 2011:

"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.."

I know I have touched upon the issue of negative unwelcome LSN comments, but it gets under my skin every time I browse this site and see a few mean spirited people trying to act like the cool kids posting anonymously.
Listen, it's entirely up to you what schools you'd like to apply to, and as I've said before - this very site proves that people can defy the odds. Aiming high is never a trait to be embarrassed of, and I don't like reading comments like "why did you apply to XYZ if your GPA sucks balls!" It's those who take a shot that have a shot, and believe me when I say that miracles do happen, and you may just surprise yourself! People who sit behind their computer screens looking for a way to be mean do so because they live in their grandma's basement. It's uncalled for, not cool, and once again I am making it known how much I disapprove of negativity! If you are an LSNer experiencing bullying, PM me. I know karate, I can help you.
on that note, goodnight!

10 MARCH 2011:

OLA LSN'ers! Well I finally did an account recovery and was able to retrieve my account again. Happy March! I logged into quite a few private messages to reply to, and I seem to be under the impression that it's best I keep my updated LSAT score a secret. I don't want to do this, but I do worry that displaying my numbers so publicly MIGHT lead to bad things. I am okay with my score, and I promise that once my cycle is completely over, I will candidly display my accurate numbers for future law school hopefuls to learn from. As my avid readers may have noticed, I've left a lot of information about myself omitted on my LSN account, simply because I don't think it's a good idea to air out my dirty laundry. At least not just yet! =P

With that said, I'm once again re-doing a brand new application package, new and improved! I'm taking a much different approach to my statement this time, reflecting much on my blog actually! I think my blog has been so accurate in telling my story, it's genuine, sincere, and hey - sometimes it verges on desperate. But it's okay, we all know that this process has egged on some desperate measures within all of us! I wanted my application/addendums to just come off as sincere. I admit that in my original app I tried so hard to make myself look like the "ideal law school candidate," when in reality - I'm probably not. I have not saved poverty in Africa, nor have I built a well in Chile. However, I'm an honest and hard working gal, eager to put in my 150% at law school. I hope that is good enough...

24 FEBRUARY 2011:

I think one day, I would like to be part of the admissions committee of a law school. I will use my entire blog as my resume. I feel as though I've garnered enough applicant experience to finally sit on the other end of the table, and provide good judgment and advice to prospective students.
First and foremost, keeping applicants WELL informed is critical. I know they must be really busy up there in law-school-fate-decider heaven, but doesn't it feel nice to have some direction as to where you app is? Or if it's being read? Or even a personal email/phone call that your app is being reviewed. In fact, I would even go as far as to provide feedback to unsuccessful applicants and give some reasons why they were not admitted. Of course, I'm sure that they receive thousands of files every day to even bother doing any of this, but it would be nice, right?

23 FEBRUARY 2011:

I decided to remove some personal info on my file just so that I'm not airing out ALL of my dirty laundry out there, and just so that I can still remain anonymous in case any law schools decide to lurk on to this humble and honest blog of mine.

So don't you hate it when tier 4s act like they are the sh*t? I'm always first to remain faithful to the notion that no matter where you stand on the social ladder, everybody deserves equal respect and should be treated the way you would like to be treated.

I've been doing some research on other schools lately, trying to open up my options, and I have to say that some of these tier 4 (no names mentioned) schools have the rudest collection of employees. Scheduling a campus visit was like going through a mosh pit. I apologize if you woke up on the wrong side of the bed, or if your son got suspended from grade school and you're stuck answering phone calls from annoying law school hopefuls. But that's life, darling! Sheesh!

17 FEBRUARY 2011:

I haven't blogged daily (or AS daily) as I used to, simply because I have run out of ideas to blog about! lol! Even though my blog was intended to be a place where I could share this "journey" with fellow law school hopefuls, I don't mind if you guys want to shoot topics for me to blab about. =P

In addition, as much as I'd like to post daily, I will admit that since January I have been slightly discouraged and if not jaded by ALL of the stress associated with apps, LSATS, studying, rejection, waitlist games, etc... My blog was solely intended for everyone to read and feel GOOD about themselves after every post, so I've tried my best to keep things light and positive around here. However, it's been quite hard for me to find witty and fun topics to banter about lately, so I'm open to suggestions! I apologize if I've been very half-hearted in my blogging lately, I guess i just need some more time to get myself together! Thank you for all of your comments and good spirits, I appreciate all of the love. As I've mentioned before, I am SO proud of this cycle's LSN applicants. I have noticed much more positivity around here in comparison with comments that I've read from older cycles, and everyone here is civil and mature. Again, this is how we want the legal profession to be reflected (since after all everything is public now-a-days) to everyone else browsing here, and snarky comments are meant for MBA kids anyways. =P

15 FEBRUARY 2011:

HI all! I apologize for the gap in blogging, after Saturday's test I decided to do alot of much needed downtime, and take in a lot of ME time. I wanted to zone out of everything law school related for a few days.

As some of you have been asking, I've been trying to formulate a way of how I want to blog about the test. Frankly, I really don't want to say ANYTHING about it because a.) I don't want to jinx myself and b.) I don't want to over/under think the test (as I usually do after every test), and consequently stress myself about it after double-thinking my performance. I have a bad habit of remembering certain questions after every exam and then wondering "what if I circled A instead, would it change anything?" So, as a result, I hope everyone is ok with me just not saying anything and leaving it as a job well done for just getting through the scariest test of my life...again!

How was everybody's Valentine's day? Or single's awareness day? Or whatever you want to call it! =P
I am ready to start a new personal statement today, and I have a few ideas conjured up already. On top of your LSAT/GPA/resume and refs, I suppose the personal statement is the last piece of the puzzle to your application. I have always wondered if it really makes a difference. Based on the thousands of applications that these committees receive, do you think your statement gets thoroughly read? Do you think they even bother with what you have to say if your numbers are lower than they'd ever consider?
There is a plethora of websites out there advocating the notion that the statement can make or break you, whatever your numbers are (most of these being editing sites, mind you). To me, I think your statement in a law school application is really the only way that a committee can understand about who you are and how you write, since there is no formal interview. However, it's basically just a tiny surface to your application as a whole. I hate to say it, but I have a strong feeling that if you have awesome numbers, they could care less about your statement. Vice versa, if your numbers are dreadfully low, they might read the first line to see if it catches them but most likely they've already formulated a preconceived notion about you anyways. It's really there for those who are borderline in numbers, and will only be fully read to see if you're interested in their school over candidate B who has similar numbers. Although I do hope that the admissions process is much more grand and holistic than simply a numbers game, I am sad to be a firm believer that your numbers unfortunately dictate your fate. Opinions?

8 February 2011:

What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger.
Believe it!!

One week until the LSAT (ish).
It's going to be crunch time. day and night day and night question after question. may not have time to update =(
wish me luck!!! I love you all! =)
p.s. be safe on superbowl weekend!

6 FEBRUARY 2011:

I have a question for everyone. Would you take a full scholarship (as in free ride all three years..or close to it) to a school that you may not prefer (for whatever reason), versus a top100 with NO scholarship? I've always wondered that when I'm browsing through LSN files and see people with stellar numbers get offered such generous scholarships. Graduating with minimal debt is quite a privilege, so would you take it? Just wondering.

Question two: Has anyone other than myself, experience what is called "Schadenfreude?" I learned about this term back in highschool. Basically, it is pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others *cite wikipedia. (wikipedia is the new Harvard, i'm telling you!!)
Anyways, I get this feeling, and a lot lately. It's terrible, but human nature I suppose, whether or not you like to believe it. I hate negative energy with utter passion, but the feeling has ripened and molded inside of me when I hear about a former classmate or friend that getting rejected from grad school. Of course I do the whole "aw it's okay, there's always next year" shoulder pat followed by my cute yet evil fake smile. Inside though, I almost feel a sense of relief and peace. As if I'm buying MYSELF more time to get into law school and flaunt my own bragging rights. I feel as though I don't want people beating me to the punchline (and I'm not even exactly sure what that punchline really is....)
I've never been this type of person!! I need a spiritual cleanse, FAST. And $2 million dollars to "donate" to an existing law school to build a new library.

Lastly: Would you slip a fresh $100 bill in a friendly LOCI to the admissions of your first choice? LOL.


Had another dream about admissions lady. This time she came up to me while I was writing my LSAT and ripped the test sheets out of my hand and told me to never apply to any law school again. I cried like a big baby and then I grew balls (in my dream of course). I stood up to her, and for some reason I had a mini ipad thing in my purse (yes i know, you're not allowed to carry in electronics, but for the sake of this dream, go along with it), and I made her read all of my previous posts. She then finished reading the very last sentence, sighed in what I can only deem as a sigh of relief (?) and in some forms pity, and then we hugged it out. Then she gave me my test sheet back, and wished me good luck. I proceeded to open the test booklet to continue the exam. The exam sheet was gone and nothing was left but a stack of acceptance letters.
And so we made peace.
I don't know why this ongoing dream has festered in my brain so deeply, but I'm glad we ended it on a good note.

On to reality - I have started a new routine of working out! I've always done my part to stay in shape ( much as I can), but I must admit that it helps me focus. Believe me, just 20 minutes of brisk walking (if that's all the time you can tend to for your body), you will find yourself focusing so much better! I'm less distracted while studying, and I find that I've become MUCH less depressed about law school woes. Everyone should really take up on it, and continue the habit throughout law school. We'll need a de-stresser!
I was asked by a few if I had taken an LSAT course. I did actually. However, my advice to those who are shopping for an LSAT course is that I truly believe that every course and instructor can only take you so far. As with any other aspect of life. People are consistently worried if their course is worth the price, or if the training is up to par. I paid a VERY expensive price for my course, and it was a sticker price commercialized company (eh hem....the ones that consistently post around college campuses, no names). I will admit that for my dollar, I was given ALOT of practice material, and my instructors were fairly young though not too shabby at all. My point is that you can sit in on these classes every single day but you won't get anything out of them if you don't put in your own hard work into it. I will tell you this because the first half of the course I attended class every single day but I barely practiced on my own time. I would simply do practice questions during class, and thought that I could learn by simply going to class and learning on the spot. Not true. Every course will give you the same materials, and give you tips and basic knowledge on how to approach/tackle various questions, but the work is really up to you. The LSAT is not a history course where you can simply show up and study the night before and regurgitate on test day (take it from me I learned the hard way). So I would strongly advise to people who are shopping for a course, if you cannot afford to shell out 1000 bucks or are worried about which course is the "best," don't fret. Do your research and pick one that you think is right for you, but just know that no matter where you go, the work is REALLY on you. You could have the crappiest instructor who falls asleep during class, but it won't matter unless you take the materials and practice on your own.

*i'm the last person to be providing ANY sort of lecture on the LSAT, but I just wanted to let people know that I completely understand if you just don't have the money or the time to invest in such an intense yet expensive course. You can still achieve an amazing score on your own, and you don't need to give up an arm for it. In fact, on that note, I will be giving away my LSAT books FOR FREE after this exam. Just let me know if you need em! First come first serve. I will personally ship it to you.

4 FEBRUARY 2011:

I apologize for the lack of daily blogging! I just didn't want to bombard everyone with useless updates. There really isn't much to blog, except that I've been consistently working slowly at the LSAT and hopefully I can garner a few more points this time round!

I think it's all about ATTITUDE. As you all know, the LSAT is my kryptonite and I find myself shuddering in huge amounts of anxiety and fear whenever I dare to even think about that four letter acronym. This time around, which I'm sure will be the last time I will ever have to register for that ooogly test, it's going to be all about attitude. I'm going to relax, take it easy, go in with nothing but sheer confidence. I've read quite a few other posters around here that they too let nerves get the best of them. ME TOO!!! DARN IT! lol.
Nerves and ultimate self pressure has done nothing but bring me here in this rut hole, so guys, my advice to you is that you should never let your nerves eat you alive. Go in with a positive attitude, and don't even look back. Write the test, stay positive throughout every question and push forward with a good conscious through every section.No matter how you feel or think you did, just walk out of there with nothing but a good feeling of accomplishment. I've let every single thought about that test eat me alive for way too long now. When I get the LSAC email about "test regulations" prior to the test day, I never open it. I hate to even think about it. I simply delete it out of my inbox, including all other LSAT related emails (unless it's my score). If I see something that says LSAT in my inbox, I immediately delete it. Strange eh, I'm that afraid of it! Every single time I log myself on to the LSAC website, I have managed to train my brain to ignore/glance over anything that includes the 4 letter acronym. It's SO strange! I will probably choose sitting through the Exorcist 3 times in a row than write the LSAT (ummmmm ya I don't like scary movies...)

Anyways, getting past all of that rambling, this time it's all about attitude. Confidence, relaxed, and just proud I even got myself to register for it again lol. Perhaps at the end, during the writing section, I will instead simply draw a big heart with the words TJSL in it.

Anyways, I apologize for my lack of substance, I promise after February 12, I will have TONS of awesome blogs to post, and my cute witty banter to follow it.

(p.s. Another reason why I've opted to refrain from regular blogs is due to the fact that I recently had a dream (slash nightmare) that I was visiting a certain law school, and the head of admissions lady was like "I know you have an LSN blog, I know all about it...that's why you're never coming here!!!" Followed by MWHAHAHAHAHA devil face, and then it just suddenly turned all dark with fire flames bursting behind her. I woke up sweating. I mean, it's not as if I write anything negative about anyone here, as you all know I"m all about the positive vibes, but that dream just freaked me out.)

29 January 2011:

I've tried not to post a new entry as often as I used to, simply life is not interesting. lol.
Was browsing various LSN profiles today, seems as though the bulk of us are still in the waiting game.

Frankly, I don't know what my chances for law school will be this time round. All I can do is hope for the best (even though this wishful thinking has not exactly panned out to be successful for me...*frown). Nonetheless, every rejection is simply a challenge in disguise. Remember that!

26 January (8:30pm) 2011:

Funny memory. I'm recalling to the last time I wrote the LSAT. This guy walks in and gives the proctor his LSAT ticket form (the one where you have to sign and paste a picture of yourself on).
I was standing behind him, waiting for my turn. The proctor gives him the weirdest look after seeing his form, and his photo. I'm assuming she suspects that it might not actually be a photo of him, or something among those lines.

Turns out, he printed a facebook picture of himself, and pasted the picture onto his sheet. I saw the picture. It wasn't even like a clear personal portrait shot, it was like....
friday night kegger stand and someone brought their camera and he got tagged in the corner - type of picture.

Ok back to logic games!

26 January 2011:

For my avid readers (if I have any)...
I decided to clean up my blog and start round 2 fresh. I felt that it was REALLY tiresome to consistently scroll up and down my entire LSN profile just to read my comments and revert back to my entries!
I also deleted my blog because I feel like I have a really bad habit of reading past entries, and suddenly becoming really depressed about my situation. I would sit behind my screen and just bring myself back to the day I wrote entry XYZ, and then drown myself in worries about law school drama.
I want to just push forward, and not look back. So I've decided to start fresh.

I found this site today, and I want all of you guys to try it!!

This is a website (ABSOLUTELY FREE), where you can send yourself an email in the future. Aim to set the date to 2012 let's say (assuming the Apocalypse hasn't happened). On this date in 2012, you will receive the exact note that you wrote to yourself today. In your personal email, write about where you would like to be at that time (or where you think you'll be), what you hope to have achieved, something you were scared to do but conquered, and include a goal for 2013 to remind yourself. You might want to include how cool CaliHopeful is! (joke). When you get this email in the future, you will probably completely forget about ever writing it, but it will be a nice surprise in your inbox, and a nice reminder to yourself of how awesome you are for achieving your goals. DO IT EVERYONE! You will be surprised when you look back to your old self, and how much you have changed, became stronger, and better. Let me know how it goes!!!

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Thursday, September 24 2009 at 08:00 PM

Don't worry, I withdrew last week sometime. Good luck!!

Monday, June 11 2007 at 08:00 PM

i applied for fall 2011 but haven't heard anything from them!

Tuesday, November 23 2010 at 07:00 PM

Thankss! They aren't very responsive are they, well keep in touch! I'll send you good news if i hear!
Friday, October 08 2010 at 08:00 PM

Hi, no word from TJSL just yet, I'm optimistic though! Good luck!

Monday, June 11 2007 at 08:00 PM

FYI - I called TJSL's Admissions Office yesterday, because I was already a bit concerned having not heard a peep from them. They said that they'd come to a decision regarding my application, but they're still in the process of sending out Spring acceptances and I more than likely won't hear back until early January.

Tuesday, November 23 2010 at 07:00 PM

So weird that they wouldn't tell you until January, I wonder why that is. They like to keep us waiting don't they. Nonetheless I project good news for you, you have good GPA! Good luck!

Friday, May 28 2010 at 08:00 PM

Hey thanks for the congrats! Congrats to you on Cooley! I applied for Fall '11, and I have yet to hear a thing from them. I guess they're still dealing with spring people (like yourself), so I'm not too concerned. I hope you get good news from TJ soon! Good luck, and I'll be checking up on you!

Tuesday, November 30 2010 at 07:00 PM

Good luck with your applications! I will follow you too.

Sunday, October 24 2010 at 08:00 PM

Stumbled upon your profile, I wish you luck with TJSL! Don't let people get you down if you know this is what you really want to do. Will be watching you and keeping my fingers crossed!

@ B
Tuesday, November 23 2010 at 07:00 PM

Hey B! First of all, much thanks to you for following my blog and leaving a comment, I truly appreciate feedback and always get so tingly inside when I know there's another soul out there reading my blog! =) Answer to your question, I would like to try again for TJSL fall 2011 if the Spring acceptance doesn't work out. I will probably take my last jab at the LSAT in February, and re-apply. Perhaps by then I'll get a much better score and might even be able to open up my SD options so I won't have to go through this daunting waiting process again. I would love to chat about SD, if you have questions let me know! Stay in touch and have a great holiday! Thanks again for your comment! =)

Monday, December 20 2010 at 07:00 PM

I love the post you made today! good luck! :)

Your posts
Friday, May 28 2010 at 08:00 PM

I dig your's seriously entertaining. You're an excellent writer. Maybe you should show this page to the admissions people at TJ? Haha, I dunno about that :P... But honestly, I hope you highlighted your writing somehow in your app, because, at least from what I have read here, it's quite good. And I actually have some news about my TJ application I wanted to share with you. I sent them an email saying my GPA went up because of my grades last semester, and they responded by saying that a decision was made on my file on October 20, but I wouldn't find out what that decision was until January/February. So I guess what I learned is, their admissions process is kind of weird, so don't give up hope! I'm sure you'll be getting in soon!

Sunday, December 12 2010 at 07:00 PM

I get a lot of questions too with my numbers and people telling me retake. Not all of us have the time or ability to take time off of school just to work on the LSAT and not all of us are excellent test takers. It happens. But, I know that I am trying with what I've got, and I know that next year I have a law school to call home. :)

Wednesday, January 12 2011 at 07:00 PM

You're glorious! Simply glorious. Forget about TJ though. You're like the hot crazy ex girlfriend that every guy has. Incredible in some aspects; unstable in others. Here's what you do: 1. Forget about TJ all together. TJ is like the fat guy you dating in high school because he paid you some attention. 2. You are going to enroll in a prep course through Kaplan or someone else who is going to show you how to score higher on the LSAT. 3. Starting with the 2011-2012 cycle you will applying to much better schools than ol' fatty TJ and you will get in somewhere more worth your time. 4. You then look back at TJLS as the ex that makes you wonder what the hell you were even thinking in the first place. 5. Then you will enjoy the rest of your life.

@ post above
Tuesday, November 23 2010 at 07:00 PM

It's comments like these that seriously turn my frown upside down. =) could not live without my fellow LSNers

@ rock2010
Tuesday, November 23 2010 at 07:00 PM

Thanks rock2010, I am trying for another round of LSAT. Hopefully, by a stroke of luck i can get up to 150. As i've said, i'm like LSAT retarded so let's see.

Sunday, November 21 2010 at 07:00 PM

Good luck on the rest of your cycle

Practice, Practice, Practice
Wednesday, January 12 2011 at 07:00 PM

Practice, practice, practice and then kick some butt. Good Luck on the Feb. LSATs! I'll be praying for you. Now you do the work!

No! YOURE the awesome one!!
Friday, January 01 2010 at 07:00 PM

You are so cute! Thank you for your uplifting comment. You are going to kungfu the crap out of the LSAT this time! I so know it! I wish you the very best in your endeavors. Please keep me updated!

Friday, January 21 2011 at 07:00 PM

Goodluck on your cycle!!! You will get in a really good school. Just wait and see....

@Tart & Dreamz01
Tuesday, November 23 2010 at 07:00 PM

Hi guys!!! Thanks for both of your comments!! I love and appreciate all the good vibes! Unfortunately I think I was digging myself into a hole of depressing by leaving my old blog up, so I decided to delete it and start fresh. I kept reading my old posts and sinking into my sorrows. lol. Thank you for being a fan, I will continue to blog so stay tuned!!

Wednesday, January 12 2011 at 07:00 PM

thanks! I thought it was an appropriate quote to describe my cycle. Are you trying to go to schools in CA as well?

Wednesday, January 12 2011 at 07:00 PM

Blog updates please! I'm beginning to go through withdrawals...

Tuesday, December 14 2010 at 07:00 PM

I saw that you get tingly when you know people are reading your blog, so I thought I'd let you know that I just discovered it and am now reading it. Best of luck to you!!! :~)

Wednesday, January 12 2011 at 07:00 PM

Oh hey! You're test is soon. Good luck Cali! Let us know how is goes! I know you'll do great! ~Bonerland

Thursday, September 24 2009 at 08:00 PM

were you able to do better this time around on the LSAT?

Tuesday, November 23 2010 at 07:00 PM

@ TART: thank you for your kind words!! I'm still alive! I'm hoping to re-try for more schools for the fall cycle once i get my score (hope it's not too late in the cycle)! @ bonerland: you rock!! thank you =)) @ JD Hopeful: Yet to receive my score, hope it goes okay. Nonetheless I still have my file open at TJSL so I'll continue to wait that out.

Study Course
Tuesday, December 14 2010 at 07:00 PM

Hey Cali, I was just reading through everyone's posts on here. If you take Bonerland's advice and take a prep course, I would recommend Blueprint. If you don't have time for a formal course, they have an on demand course (helped me raise my score 8 points) or a powerscore course (I read their Bible series between Oct and Dec Lsat and increased my score another 4 points). I have spoken with people who have taken Kaplan and Princeton review courses. Most of my friends that took courses with them ended up taking a second course with blueprint or powerscore. I'm sorry you are having a hard time thinking of upbeat or happy topics to blog about. If you want my suggestion, you should start blogging about kitties or puppies or any other adorable critter. Those blogs would always be upbeat and make me smile :~)

Wednesday, January 12 2011 at 07:00 PM


Wednesday, January 12 2011 at 07:00 PM

Kick her ass Seabass! ;) Honestly though Cali, when I was at Santa Clara I was very disturbed by some of the employees there too. It was a total let down. But then when I went to sit in on a class I was totally impressed with the teacher. More so than the teacher whose class I sat in with at Stanford, (and yes, to everyone else I know the difference in reputation and rankings. I was just more impressed with this professor at SC than the one at Stanford). As it stood, I was left with a decision I had to make about even bothering to apply to Santa Clara after that horrible meeting. I decided to because of that 1 teacher and NO other reason. I would take your meeting as a check against the school and see if when you are down there they can somehow redeem themselves via their faculty. I'm sorry you had a rotten time, and I hope for the schools sake that the faculty isn't equally terrible. ~Bones

Wednesday, January 12 2011 at 07:00 PM

Glad to see that things will be improved then!

@ Bonerland and Tart
Tuesday, November 23 2010 at 07:00 PM

Thanks bonerland! =) Tart, my score did improve. I'm dying to post my score, it's the first thing i wanted to do. However, I've been warned that law school gods sometimes lurk onto lsn so for now, I'm hoping to stay anonymous! I will be 100% candid on lsn once the cycle is over!

Good Luck
Tuesday, December 14 2010 at 07:00 PM

with your new and improved cycle. I much like you did not "save the world" but have had many personal experiences I could write about. I think honesty and interesting are what law schools are looking for (but like you, I'm just an applicant, so I really don't know). Keep us informed. I'm interested in knowing your final info. One question; why is it bad for you if law schoolsread LSN? I have everything up on my site. I figure it could only help. I try to be honest and polite in all of my correspondences. Just wondering...

Monday, June 11 2007 at 08:00 PM

It's your choice to post your scores or not, but I really don't think it's an issue if you post them on here (I don't think you posting them will keep you out of a particular school or not). Just saying. :)

Don't worry about it!
Tuesday, December 14 2010 at 07:00 PM

I know you have been having problems getting to your inbox, so you haven't seen my message from a few days ago. I don't think there is anything wrong with wanting to stay anonymous, I just truly didn't understand why. YOu brought up some good points and I could than understand your reasons. I also stated that I hoped I didn't offend you by my comments. Don't worry what other people think. You have to do what you think is right for you. That being said, if you started a blog elsewhere, I'd follow your writings there. I look forward to your updates.

Tuesday, November 23 2010 at 07:00 PM

@ anonymous: Thank you for your input.

Tuesday, November 23 2010 at 07:00 PM

@ Anonymous: Thanks for your comment, I appreciate all feedback. I have gotten many similar inquiries about posting my numbers, and I can't say that I disagree with you. I do blog very candidly and openly admit to that, and you are true in your words that in a way I'm being a self hypocrite. With that said, I am slowly finding another site to host my blog.

Accessing mailbox
Tuesday, December 14 2010 at 07:00 PM

You may want to try and delete your cookies in your web browser. That may help. If you need help feel free to send me a message and tell me what browser you are using and I'll be happy to help. That's always a good place to start.

Wednesday, January 12 2011 at 07:00 PM

^ ^ o O ____

Thursday, September 24 2009 at 08:00 PM

How are your new scores?? Who is the waitlist from? All your schools are deleted. Try Firefox. When I can't get in with Internet Explorer, Firefox always works.

Tuesday, November 23 2010 at 07:00 PM

TART: You are awesome!!! I'm hoping everyone who drank some haterade on my blog reads your comment! I 100% agree! Thanks so much for staying posted =)

40 isn't bad
Tuesday, December 14 2010 at 07:00 PM

I just turned 39 this year. I'll be in law school until I am 43. The dream doesn't have to end. I rekindeled the desire for law school after being out of college for 17 years (and recieving a diploma, second bachelors and a masters degree). I am in health care. I will tell you the residents I work with say it is harder to get into med school than law school, but easier to graduate from med school once you are in. Not to discourage you. Best of luck. I'll continue to follow you. :~)

Wednesday, January 12 2011 at 07:00 PM

Cali, you bring up a valid point. And to any of the admissions committee members who happen to be reading this blog, I would like to mention that if you could see my profile picture it would most likely resemble a cross between Gabriel Aubry and Adonis. ~Bones

Just curious
Tuesday, December 14 2010 at 07:00 PM

how things are going? I went to a dinner at UB tonight. It was very nice. To answer your question, yes I often wonder what people look like as I'm reading their blogs. I just assume that all the women are beautiful and all the guys are uglier than me an ego boost (don't tell my wife any of this ;) ) Hope your cycle is going well.

Wednesday, January 12 2011 at 07:00 PM

yells "CAT FIGHT!!!" =P Either way the best revenge is living well.

Tuesday, November 23 2010 at 07:00 PM

hahaha. Gosh, I guess i just couldn't keep that post classy huh. catfight it is!

Wednesday, January 12 2011 at 07:00 PM

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday
Tuesday, December 14 2010 at 07:00 PM

I hope you have a great day!!! BTW I blogged on my birthday too ;)

Sunday, January 09 2011 at 07:00 PM

man i loved your post about ur friend...i know people exactly like that..they'll say that 3rd or 4th tier are easy in's...but law school is still law school people!!! u still have to survive it!

Wednesday, January 12 2011 at 07:00 PM

Your thoughts are not dumb. That is why I can ask for more please!

@ Please stop
Tuesday, November 23 2010 at 07:00 PM

Thank you for your comment. I appreciate your input, and understand your sentiment completely. However, I am not forcing you to read or indulge in my blog, so it's entirely the decision of LSNers to pass by my page and take a read or simply..don't! =) As well, and as usual, posting anonymously to say something negative is so cliche.

Where is the letter
Tuesday, December 14 2010 at 07:00 PM

You said you were going to post word for word a wait list letter. I'm waiting ;-)

Wednesday, January 12 2011 at 07:00 PM

More please!