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Application Information

F - Fee Waiver A - Attending W - Withdrawn D - Deferred
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# Law School Status Type $$$ Sent Received Complete Interview Date Decision Updated
Rutgers State University Camden Waitlisted W Type: RA Sent: 11/23/05 Rec: 12/01/05 Comp: 01/13/06 Inter: -- Dec: 04/20/06 Upd: 18 years
Villanova University Accepted A Type: RA Sent: 11/05/05 Rec: 11/07/05 Comp: 01/03/06 Inter: -- Dec: 03/22/06 Upd: 18 years
Syracuse University Pending W Type: RA Sent: 02/04/06 Rec: 02/06/06 Comp: 02/22/06 Inter: -- Dec: -- Upd: 18 years

Applicant Information

  • LSAT: 155
  • LSAT 2: 159
  • LSAT 3: -
  • GRE : -
  • LSAC GPA: 3.44
  • Degree GPA: 3.71
  • School Type: Public LAC
  • Major: History

Demographic Information

  • City: Pomona
  • State: New Jersey
  • Race: White
  • Gender: Man
  • Non-Traditional Applicant: Yes
  • Years out of Undergrad: -

Extra Curricular Information

Circle K International(volunteering)
Stockton History Club Treasurer
Worked 40 hrs/week in the summer

Additional info & updates

Going to Villanova! Anyone who's also going there next year, please visit the board I made:

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Good Luck!
Wednesday, November 30 2005 at 07:00 PM

GL on your retake! Right now we have similar numbers and schools, but hopefully you have more success w/ the lsat than I did the second time around! Do you have a top choice?

Top choice
Sunday, September 04 2005 at 08:00 PM

Probably Nova or Temple if I get a miracle on the retake. Good luck to you as well!

Penn State
Tuesday, September 20 2005 at 08:00 PM

Yep, it said on the acceptance email that I was assigned to the University Park campus

Sunday, October 02 2005 at 08:00 PM

Good luck on all of your apps as well. Do you feel like you did better this time?

Sunday, September 04 2005 at 08:00 PM

I know that I did better this time, I think I did really well on game and reading comp. Hopefully we get an easier scale this time...

Sunday, October 02 2005 at 08:00 PM

your 8 points is pretty huge yourself. Good luck with all your apps.

Wednesday, November 30 2005 at 07:00 PM

Congrats on your retake, I'm sure it will help a lot! Good luck on your apps. :)

Saturday, December 31 2005 at 07:00 PM

I literally sent my app in a week after Christmas and got my acceptance on the 19th of January. They never notified me that I ever went complete.

Sunday, August 28 2005 at 08:00 PM

Drexel letter arrived today, FULL RIDE BABY!!! Looks like you got a HUGE scholarship too. They are SHOWING US THE MONEY. I don't know what to do now- I have Rutgers with a good offer, Miami with one coming in, but Drexel with the BIG contract. What to sign, what to sign...

Thanks soo much for your support
Sunday, August 21 2005 at 08:00 PM

Thanks so much for your support on LSD!! It seriously means the world to me! Congrates on the schools you got accepted to, I wish you all the best, I'm sure you will get into your top choices!

Tuesday, October 25 2005 at 08:00 PM

I'm going to an information session on 2/9. I'm also going to a Widener DE open house on 2/11

Wednesday, November 30 2005 at 07:00 PM

Thanks for the nice comments! You seem to be doing very well yourself! ;) I'm hoping to hear some good things from the reaches, though. Best of luck with the rest of your apps, keep in touch!

Friday, January 20 2006 at 07:00 PM

Thanks, I went complete like mid December. I see your interested in Villanova but when I talked to someone at Admissions she implied someone with my numbers would be on the bubble and not hear back til late March at the earliest. Good luck.

Sunday, September 04 2005 at 08:00 PM

Very much considering if I get dinged at Nova and RU. I liked the people in the chat enough that I'll probably book a trip to admitted students day on the 25th.

MSU scholarship money
Wednesday, February 01 2006 at 07:00 PM

congrats on MSU. I haven't heard anything about money from MSU but I am hoping that it comes soon. In the chat room, the Asst Dean of Admissions stated that the Scholarship decisions were sent out the afternoon of the 15th and should arive early this coming week...tough to make the move from S.D. to E. Lansing!!

stupid question...
Wednesday, September 07 2005 at 08:00 PM

i'm so confused about what the difference is between "sent" "received" "complete" and "decision" all mean... wanna help a girl out? LOL thanks! congrats on your acceptances! =)

Sent, received
Sunday, September 04 2005 at 08:00 PM

Sent is usually the day I send them through LSAC. Received is when they request my LSDAS report. Complete is when I call and see if the LSDAS report got in. Decision is when I got a decision from the school. Glad to be of help.

Tuesday, October 25 2005 at 08:00 PM

Dude, I bombed my GIS final. I've had my head so far up my ass with this whole process that I've been apathetic with my grades. After Rutgers' rejection, I just said screw it and settled on Widener.

Sunday, August 21 2005 at 08:00 PM

Hey fellow waitlister. I was sure I would get in, especially with a fee waiver.

re: Pitt
Sunday, August 21 2005 at 08:00 PM

Is Pitt your first choice?

Sunday, August 21 2005 at 08:00 PM

Just read...Good luck on the rest.

Sunday, September 04 2005 at 08:00 PM

Had I gotten in, if I had heard nothing from Nova or RU by say March 24th, I would've sent in the seat deposit to Pitt

Re: Syracuse
Sunday, January 29 2006 at 07:00 PM

I never received a complete notice. I received a notice that I was incomplete. I was e-mailed a decision less than two weeks after I sent them the information that they requested to make my app complete.

Thursday, December 01 2005 at 07:00 PM

Hey Matt, we chatted before through the Drexel chat boards. I also got into Nova this past week. I'm heading up there this weekend to check it out. What'd you like so much about it?

Friday, January 20 2006 at 07:00 PM

Yea I do not understand at all why I havent heard from them but I do not plan on attending unless I get a scholarship which is doubtful at this point. I am between UPitt and UConn.

Thursday, February 23 2006 at 07:00 PM

Congrats on the acceptance...I see we both had Nova and Syrcause on our lists. Looks like we'll be 1L's together at Villanova next year. Btw, while I know it wasn't your intent, your description of Camden really cracked me up...I guess driving through the area wasn't so funny, though.

Nova' Law
Thursday, December 22 2005 at 07:00 PM

I sent in my seat deposit last week. Can't wait to go. Send me an e-mail if you would like. Congrats see you this summer