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Application Information

F - Fee Waiver A - Attending W - Withdrawn D - Deferred
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# Law School Status Type $$$ Sent Received Complete Interview Date Decision Updated
#17 University of Denver PT WL, Accepted A Type: RA Sent: 09/06/06 Rec: 10/02/06 Comp: 09/18/07 Inter: -- Dec: 05/25/07 Upd: 17 years
#89 Texas Tech University Accepted W Type: RA $25,000 Sent: 09/11/06 Rec: 09/29/06 Comp: 10/24/06 Inter: -- Dec: 11/08/06 Upd: 17 years
#95 University of Tulsa Accepted W Type: RA $54,000 Sent: 10/31/06 Rec: 11/01/06 Comp: -- Inter: -- Dec: 11/18/06 Upd: 17 years
#42 Southern Methodist University Accepted D W Type: Sent: 09/06/06 Rec: 10/02/06 Comp: 10/31/06 Inter: -- Dec: 05/01/07 Upd: 17 years
#4 Baylor University Accepted D W Type: Sent: 09/07/06 Rec: 09/11/06 Comp: 10/21/06 Inter: -- Dec: 03/19/07 Upd: 17 years
#31 University of Houston WL, Rejected Type: ED Sent: 09/07/06 Rec: 09/11/06 Comp: 09/28/06 Inter: -- Dec: 05/14/07 Upd: 17 years
#94 South Texas College of Law Accepted W Type: RA Sent: 09/08/06 Rec: 09/20/06 Comp: -- Inter: -- Dec: 01/02/07 Upd: 17 years
#4 University of Colorado Boulder Rejected Type: RA Sent: 09/06/06 Rec: 11/17/06 Comp: 12/01/06 Inter: -- Dec: 02/28/07 Upd: 17 years
#22 Arizona State University Rejected Type: Sent: 10/26/06 Rec: 11/14/06 Comp: 12/08/06 Inter: -- Dec: 02/02/07 Upd: 17 years
Northwestern University Rejected Type: RA Sent: 10/26/06 Rec: 10/28/06 Comp: 11/29/06 Inter: -- Dec: 01/19/07 Upd: 17 years
Harvard University Rejected Type: RA Sent: 09/15/06 Rec: 09/25/09 Comp: 10/26/06 Inter: -- Dec: 01/12/07 Upd: 17 years
Georgetown University Rejected Type: Sent: 10/16/06 Rec: 10/17/06 Comp: 10/23/06 Inter: -- Dec: 12/11/06 Upd: 17 years
#8 University of Texas Austin Rejected Type: Sent: 09/08/06 Rec: 10/13/06 Comp: 10/26/06 Inter: -- Dec: 11/29/06 Upd: 17 years
#36 University of Oklahoma Waitlisted Type: RA Sent: 09/12/06 Rec: 09/13/06 Comp: -- Inter: -- Dec: 11/09/06 Upd: 17 years

Applicant Information

  • LSAT: 153
  • LSAT 2: -
  • LSAT 3: -
  • GRE : -
  • LSAC GPA: 3.95
  • Degree GPA: 3.88
  • School Type: Public
  • Major: Political Science

Demographic Information

  • City: -
  • State: Colorado
  • Race: White
  • Gender: Man
  • Non-Traditional Applicant: Yes
  • Years out of Undergrad: -

Extra Curricular Information

-Non-trad applicant
-Dean's List all semesters but one
-Worked full-time for the last 10 years, including 40 hours plus all through undergrad.
-First one in my family to go to College.
-Phi Theta Kappa
-Golden Key
-State Capitol Internship.
-Two great letters of Rec.
-History of standardized test performance; I maintain it is not an accurate predictor of my performance in school.

Additional info & updates

The "choice" numbers are straight LSAC percentages based solely on my numbers (except Harvard, Northwestern, and Georgetown which do not publish).

- OU Automatically requested my LSAC report.
- Email from Baylor with status check password.
- Email from UofH with status check password.

- OU, Harvard, South Texas, Houston, Baylor, have all requested my report.
- 4 days before the LSAT retake, and I get a nasty cold. Oh well, I am going to see how I feel on Friday, and make a decision. If I do not retake now, I am simply going to have to roll with what I have.

-Well, it is Friday. I am feeling mostly better, so I am going to take the exam. I think I will be okay.
-Texas Tech requested my LSDAS report today.
-Complete at Houston

-I went ahead and took the LSAT. I have no clue how I did, except they had to move the location of our test center to a 1960s era lecture hall that had tables that would not even hold the entire test book flat. OH WELL.
- Except for UT and Colorado, the rest of the schools to which I applied have requested my report.

-Texas requested my report today (crossing fingers)
-I should have my new LSAT score back in about a week.
- Other than that, no other news from any of the schools. Colorado is now the only school that has not pulled my report. It is just a waiting game at this point; it is all out my hands now.

- I went ahead aand put an app into Georgetown as well. I figure, it's only an application fee.
- 3 more days till LSAT score release, hopefully I did much better.

-Well, new LSAT score was only one point higher than my last. Oh well. I am not retaking again; it is what it is.
- Email from Baylor that my application is now complete.

- Email from Texas Tech that my application is now complete.

-Email from Ut and Harvard that application file is complete.
- I applied to two more schools. I am not sure why, I am not getting into either.
--Applied to Northwestern
--Applied to Arizona State

-Northwestern has my report.
-Email from SMU indicating that my file is complete and that I have met the deadline for EA.

-Letter from Texas Tech!!!! I am going to law school this year!!!!!

-Letter from OU. I am on the waitlist. Not bad I guess considering LSAC only gives me a 36% chance there.

-Email from ASU. They received my application and requested my LSDAS Report.

-Small white envelope from Tulsa with Acceptance letter. Second page in the envelope had the scholarship offer. I was never told I went complete.

-After some time has passed, I realized that I applied to way too many schools. Oh well. Nothing new to report in the last two weeks. Good luck everyone.

- Email from Colorado, stating that my application is now complete.

- Received Letter from UT, dated 11-29, stating my rejection.

- Georgetown status checker changed to decision today. Should have my rejection letter tomorrow or Saturday...

-Received email from ASU, stating that my application is complete.
- Status checker at Georgetown changed from Decision back to Complete today. I am not sure what is going on there.

-Received my Georgetown Rejection letter today in the mail. White, #10 envelope.

-Further, my online status checker changed to "decision mailed" today at Houston. I would love to get in there. I hope it is good news.

-Well, I am pretty bummed. I was waitlisted at Houston.

-Snail Mail from South Texas (Acceptance). Single sheet of paper, standard, white #10 envelope.
-------UPDATE: I called STCL about scholarship info, and was told that, if awarded, I would receive a letter in the mail around mid-February.

-Snail Mail from HARVARD......My much anticipated rejection has arrived......They did not even thank me for my donation...

-Via online status checker, denied at Northwestern.

-Standard envelope from SMU. Deferral
-Standard envelope from ASU, denied.

-Rejected for Fall 07 at Baylor, but auto admitted to Spring 08. Via snail mail, regular envelope.

-Standard Letter from DU - Waitlisted. Bummer.

-I cannot believe it. Phone call from SMU, I was just accepted, Full-time. Unbelievable.

-Received a phone call from DU. I was admitted off the waitlist. I am pretty sure that is where I will be attending.

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Sunday, March 05 2006 at 07:00 PM

Congratulations on getting into Tech! :)

Texas Tech
Monday, October 16 2006 at 08:00 PM

Congrats on Tech! Did they send the scholarship info with the acceptance letter?

Monday, August 22 2005 at 08:00 PM

Thanks for the well wishes.

Monday, September 11 2006 at 08:00 PM

Congrats on Tech and Tulsa, I have a feeling your going to get into OU because I got accepted and our stats aren't too different, well good luck with everything

Wednesday, August 16 2006 at 08:00 PM

On your acceptances and $$! That Tulsa offer rocks.

Monday, August 22 2005 at 08:00 PM

Thanks...Yeah, the offer from Tulsa is really nice. I have to really consider that.

Wednesday, August 16 2006 at 08:00 PM

How much of the tuition does that cover? Imagine a life after law school without a 6 figure loan?!

Tulsa Tuition
Monday, August 22 2005 at 08:00 PM

I would be left with about 9k a year for tuition. Not too bad.

Scholarship at Tech
Tuesday, May 16 2006 at 08:00 PM

HEy I was just wondering, did you get notification of your scholarship along with acceptance letter. I was accepted at Tech under early decision program, but did not recieve any scholarship. I was jsut wondering if I could expect one to come later.

Tech Scholarship
Monday, August 22 2005 at 08:00 PM

Hi There, JT. Yes, I did get the offer with my acceptance letter but I did not apply ED, so they may work those scholarships differently. I would call or emial Donna Williams; she is very helpful and she should be able to answer you pretty quickly.

Saturday, May 20 2006 at 08:00 PM

Hey, just wondering how you found out about Tech. I applied there as well and our numbers aren't that different. I heard I was complete but nothing else yet. Also when did you hear you were waitlisted at OU, I haven't heard anything from them.

OU and Tech
Monday, August 22 2005 at 08:00 PM

I received a ltter from Tech as well as from OU via snail mail. More info is listed above in the "Additional Information" section.

Monday, November 27 2006 at 07:00 PM

Hi Colorado. Could you tell what date was on the letter from Georgetown? I have a decision on web since 12/08 but my mail box is empty

Georgetown Letter
Monday, August 22 2005 at 08:00 PM

The Letter came in the mail today....

dont worry
Saturday, December 09 2006 at 07:00 PM

This might not help at all, but I'll be happy if I'm even waitlisted. I got confidence just no patience...

Monday, July 31 2006 at 08:00 PM

If you have any questions about the Tulsa area while you are considering your options, feel free to ask me - I live in Tulsa. Just trying to help where I can.

re: Tulsa
Sunday, December 17 2006 at 07:00 PM

Hey did your scholarship offer from Tulsa come with the acceptance letter or did they send it afterward?

Tuesday, May 09 2006 at 08:00 PM

congrats on smu. hope to see you in the fall!