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Application Information

F - Fee Waiver, A - Attending, W - Withdrawn, D - Deferred
Law School Status Type $$$ Sent Received Complete Decision Updated
St. John's University graph WL, Accepted -- -- 10/19/07 04/12/08 12 years
University at Buffalo graph Accepted W $10,500 -- -- 11/26/07 12/24/07 12 years
University of Alabama graph Rejected D -- -- 09/10/07 05/27/08 12 years
University of Tennessee Knoxville graph Accepted W $24,000 -- -- 11/13/07 02/04/08 13 years
Brooklyn Law School graph Accepted W $40,500 -- -- 11/06/07 03/05/08 13 years
Washington and Lee University F graph Waitlisted -- -- 11/08/07 04/05/08 13 years
University of Richmond F graph Accepted W -- -- 10/18/07 03/06/08 13 years
University of Iowa graph Accepted W $104,928 -- -- -- 01/14/08 13 years
Temple University F graph Accepted A $81,000 -- -- 10/31/07 02/16/08 13 years
Quinnipiac University F graph Accepted W $60,000 -- -- 09/20/07 02/08/08 13 years
Marquette University F graph Accepted W $72,000 -- -- 10/18/07 12/17/07 13 years
Hofstra University F graph Accepted W $48,000 -- -- -- 12/28/07 13 years
American University graph Accepted W -- -- 10/19/07 11/08/07 13 years
Cardozo-Yeshiva University F graph Waitlisted W -- -- 11/21/07 02/01/08 13 years
College of William and Mary graph Rejected -- -- -- 03/24/08 13 years
Emory University graph Rejected -- -- 11/19/07 03/03/07 13 years
Fordham University graph Rejected D -- -- 11/14/07 12/13/07 13 years
University of Virginia graph Rejected -- -- 11/12/07 02/16/08 13 years
University of Connecticut graph Waitlisted W -- -- 11/09/07 02/01/08 13 years
Pace University graph Accepted W $30,000 -- -- 11/08/07 12/12/07 13 years
St. Louis University F graph Accepted W $54,000 -- -- 11/17/07 01/28/08 13 years
Villanova University graph Waitlisted W -- -- 10/09/07 02/07/08 13 years
Georgetown University PT graph Rejected -- -- 11/15/07 01/18/08 13 years
University of Dayton F graph Accepted W $57,000 -- -- 11/17/07 12/18/07 13 years
University of St. Thomas - Minneapolis F graph Accepted W $30,000 -- -- -- 11/23/07 13 years
Vermont Law School graph Accepted W -- 10/01/07 11/09/07 12/10/07 13 years
Cornell University graph Rejected -- -- 11/14/07 12/15/07 13 years

Applicant Information


Demographic Information

New York

Extra Curricular Information

Excellent personal statements; solid EC's

Hispanic female - several years of work experience in a legal field.

Economic disadvantage, attended Ivy with lots of financial aid.

I am applying to a few impossible schools, we'll see what happens. I think I'm spreading my applications out pretty well though. Fingers crossed! (And good luck to all!)


Waiting, waiting, waiting...

11/8/07: FIRST ACCEPTANCE! American via Priority Mail. I'm going to law school!!!!!!!!!!! :)

11/23/07: Accepted to University of St. Thomas - MN. Came in a large enevelope with an offer of $10,000 per year scholarship. :) It's nice to get an acceptance over the long weekend.

12/1/07: Received package with a U-St. Thomas t-shirt and a handwritten note from the admissions committee. Nice gesture!

12/3/07: Nothing. I realize I am being greedy, but I want decisions!!! I wish more schools had non-binding EA.

12/5/07: Second guessing everything. Is this normal?? Scanning my PS/DS for every possible thing that could RIGHT NOW be turning off an adcomm. Panicking about the LOR I didn't read. Analyzing the font on my resume. I need help. I think another acceptance will make me feel better!

12/10/07: In at Vermont Law School via email. :)

12/11/07: I'm not sure what to classify the email I just got from the University of Alabama... I guess it could be interpreted as a Waitlist, although it sounded more like the kind of email you would get if you were deferred Early Action. Maybe they don't think I would go since I'm from NJ? Oh well, I sent a nice response.

12/12/07: Accepted to Pace via snail mail/large envelope with $10,000 per year. :)

12/13/07: Another strange message via Status Checker, this time from Fordham. I'm classifying it as an EA deferral. My status checker says "2nd Evaluation." At least it's not a rejection!! If I got into Fordham I would be the happiest person ALIVE.

12/15/07: Rejected at Cornell. Not a surprise at all so I'm not too upset.

12/17/07: Accepted to Marquette via snail mail; both a small envelope and a folder.

12/18/07: Accepted to U. Dayton via email.

12/24/07: Accepted to U. Buffalo!!! Large snailmail package containing lots of information on the school. I'm really excited, it's a great option to have for an in-state resident.

12/26/07: Strange letter from Hofstra recommending I apply for a full tuition scholarship, but no acceptance.

12/28/07: Acceptance to Hofstra in small envelope.

1/4/07: Ok, I'm ready for some more news. Any time now!

1/5/08: Received acceptance package from Dayton. Nice package - $19,000 per year, invitation to visit with free hotel stay, and nice handwritten note from the Director of Admissions about my personal statement.

1/14/08: OK, I'm officially in a dry spell. No decisions since 12/28. I need some news!

1/14/08: Just kidding!! Accepted to Iowa via email. :)

1/17/08: Just noticed that my Georgetown status checker switched to decision. I'm not optimistic, but it's ok. I'm pretty happy so far. :)

1/18/08: Rejected at Georgetown. Ohhh well. Come on, NYC schools!!!

1/24/08: Tumbleweed. I have a LOT of schools pending, and not just auto-rejects. I want some action!

1/28/08: Accepted to St. Louis, large envelope, scholarship information to come.

1/30/08: Grrrr had an email from Cardozo. Got excited, but it was just about some Diversity Day they are having in February. :(

2/1/08: Waitlisted at Cardozo and U Conn, both small envelopes. I really could care less about U Conn, but Cardozo would have been nice. :(

2/4/08: Accepted at University of Tennessee, small envelope! :)
2/4/08: Also, a nice handwritten note from the Dean at U Dayton, some booklets from American, and a booklet from Pace.

2/6/08: Noticed my Villanova status checker went to Decision on Super Tuesday. Fingers crossed!

2/7/08: Waitlisted at Villanova. I'm going to withdraw, since I probably would not have gone there without $$$ based on my other acceptances.

2/8/08: Accepted to Quinnipiac, small envelope, with $20,000 per year!

2/12/08: Received $18,000 per year from St. Louis!

2/15/08: Received scholarship info from TN, $8,000 per year. :)

2/16/08: Out at UVA (small envelope.) I was not planning on T-14, but it's never fun. In at Temple with $12,000 per year! :) Large envelope with folder inside.

2/21/08: Woah, $24,000 per year to Marquette!

2/26/08: I'm sick of waiting, but I can't make any decisions until I hear from the rest of the NYC schools. :( I just want this cycle to be over. I have lost energy for it.

3/1/08: Rejected from Fordham via status checker. Would have been nice...

3/3/08: Rejected from Emory. I guess 'tis the season!

3/3/08: But in better news, $3,500 per year from Buffalo! This actually makes quite a dent in instate tuition.
So far it looks like all things being equal I will be attending UB. Money is a huge factor since I have UG debt, and I love the school, so I think that I will go forward with my plans to attend UB. What a rollercoaster this process has been.

3/5/08: Accepted to Brooklyn via email! ARGHHH my life is so complicated.

3/6/08: WOAHHHH on the Iowa offer!!!!
3/6/08: Accepted to Richmond via phonecall!

3/15/08: Received scholarship package from Brooklyn... no can do. I really want to stay in NYC but that's just not enough money. :( Still, I wasn't expecting anything.

3/24/08: W&M rejection. Don't care. I'm more concerned with NY schools.

3/27/08: Increase in BLS scholarship!!!

3/29/08: $16,000 per year to Hofstra via UPS package!

3/31/08: Full ride at Temple!!!!! Did NOT expect this...

4/2/08: And it looks like it will be Temple. :) I was totally not expecting this full ride. What a rollercoaster this has been. For a long time I was really unhappy with my cycle, but I think things have worked out in the best possible way. I am so grateful and excited!

4/4/08: Waitlisted at Washington and Lee... that's a surprise!

4/12/08: Waitlisted at St. John's... the cycle ends! I'm surprised by this one but in some ways glad as it makes my decision for me. :) Temple, here I come!!

5/27/08: Haha after all this time rejected at Alabama. What a tragedy.

6/6/08: Offered a spot at St. John's off the waitlist; part time evening. No thanks!

Visitor Comments

  • Hi
  • Monday, July 23 2007 at 11:44 AM

Hey, good luck this cycle. It looks like you have some great soft factors with solid numbers. Feel free to email me-all I think about these days is apps!

- mabengi001
  • Thanks
  • Thursday, July 26 2007 at 07:59 AM

And good luck to you too numbers twin :)

- angeltwin
  • hi
  • Tuesday, August 07 2007 at 01:23 PM

hey, how good is your personal statement? looks like we are applying to some same schools...(although my numbers are lower )

- selina19
  • yup
  • Friday, August 10 2007 at 09:32 PM

me too, I want to get it ove rwith. I'll keep in touch. I'll be looking closely to your cycle too

- selina19
  • Addendum
  • Wednesday, August 15 2007 at 05:17 AM

Looks like we have pretty similar numbers. What did you discuss in your GPA addendum?

- blar
  • Good Luck to you!
  • Thursday, August 30 2007 at 09:43 AM

Hey delanie, Am in the same boat as you though your LSAT kills mine. I am trying the same approach and hope to have all my apps out by end of September. Good luck to you and hope you get into your reaches! You deserve it. Will watch for your progress. Take care,

- a224932
  • good luck
  • Sunday, September 02 2007 at 01:40 AM

good luck.. we are applying to like 8 of the same schools. nothing in this process is impossible. Just make sure you get your apps in early!

- gbyrd07
  • Recommendation?
  • Monday, September 10 2007 at 03:34 PM

Hi! - - Your LSAT is great. I just thought I would check with you to see if you might have any advice as to place to apply or not apply. My LSAT score is low but I am hoping that my GPA - although ended at a 3.0 was > 3.3, will be able to make up for it and my extracurriculars. Let me know if you have any advice. Thanks

- mc5284
  • Scores
  • Monday, September 17 2007 at 05:26 PM

I should have about the same scores s you, so I'll be watching your results...good luck!

- AbReezyY
  • Wow!
  • Thursday, September 27 2007 at 11:04 AM

Wow! How did you get to score so high in the LSAT?How did you study for it? Im retaking in two days and my score has only improved about 5 points. Do you think that I could have a chance at any law schools since I am hispanic and I came from an economic/educational disadvantage? Any advice would help! Thanks!

- im
  • Thanks!
  • Friday, September 28 2007 at 10:39 AM

Thanks for the Advice Delaine! ; ) And yes, I am Mexican. I was born in Mexico and came here when I was 9 yrs old. Just about 4 yrs ago I became a Texas Resident. But yeah well see what happens! Keep in touch! Thanks!!!

- im
  • hey
  • Saturday, September 29 2007 at 11:41 AM

do you know erin langley?

- gbyrd07
  • UT
  • Monday, October 08 2007 at 09:19 AM

Has UT requested your report yet from LSAC? PS: Good luck this cycle!

- PennyLane
  • UT
  • Tuesday, October 09 2007 at 06:09 AM

I am still waiting on them and one other school... once they request it at least I will know I am rolling. I have not gotten anything from them yet. I was told they will not start reviewing apps until November, so I guess I should not worry too much yet. Actually, I just looked at your list, Cardozo is the other school I am waiting on. lol

- PennyLane
  • Finally
  • Thursday, October 11 2007 at 03:44 PM

Cardozo requested my file today. I guess if I want something to happen I should just ask you about it. LOL

- PennyLane
  • American Complete?
  • Friday, November 09 2007 at 06:11 AM

Hey, out of curiosity, when was your file complete at American? I hope my priority package will arrive shortly! Also, did it go to your perm. address or your current one?

- onfo
  • Friday, November 09 2007 at 06:46 AM

yaay!!!! congrats!

- new211
  • Wow
  • Friday, November 09 2007 at 09:56 AM

I am in NJ, and I am applying for the Fall coming up. However, my stats are not great like you in term of LSAT. You're doing very well. Anyway, please feel free to keep in touch for networking purpose. [email protected]

- Serge
  • American
  • Tuesday, November 13 2007 at 11:23 AM

Congratulations on American!!! If you don't mine me asking, about how many weeks did it take after you submitted your application for it to go complete? Have you visited the WCL campus? I really like it, and I love DC! I'm from NJ too = ) Good luck w/the rest of your cycle!!

- sydneyb2007
  • American
  • Wednesday, November 14 2007 at 06:13 AM

Congrats!!!! What a great start to your cycle. American is an awesome school with a great reputation. You must be so excited right now.

- angeltwin
  • LOL
  • Thursday, November 15 2007 at 08:15 AM

I KNOW!!!! I thought the same thing when I got that email. They should not do that to us. Oh well.....

- angeltwin
  • SLU?
  • Thursday, November 15 2007 at 12:44 PM

Good luck with your SLU application, it's my #1.

- bdeauman
  • WCL Congrats
  • Thursday, November 15 2007 at 06:31 PM

Congrats on your acceptance to American/WCL. I'm a 1L there - so please feel free to ask any questions!!

- k32
  • UT
  • Friday, November 16 2007 at 06:23 PM

Visited UT today, they have started reviewing apps! My fingers are crossed... letters started coming out 11/30 last year. But I htink it may be a bit later this cycle, they are training new adcoms.

- PennyLane
  • Shhh.
  • Tuesday, November 20 2007 at 03:18 PM

Perhaps. :)

- PennyLane
  • Shhh.
  • Tuesday, November 20 2007 at 03:31 PM

Perhaps. :)

- PennyLane
  • Email
  • Wednesday, November 21 2007 at 03:06 PM

I emailed you, but incase you didn't get it, I'll just give you the address

- k32
  • American
  • Friday, November 23 2007 at 08:37 PM

I just got my letter today. :) Happy belated thanksgiving1

- PennyLane
  • :-)
  • Monday, November 26 2007 at 08:01 AM

congrats on AU!

- urmhopes
  • :)
  • Monday, November 26 2007 at 08:28 AM

Many congrats on the acceptances! I'm starting to get nervous because people are getting into schools I applied to and I haven't heard anything yet!

- etmerian
  • American
  • Monday, November 26 2007 at 05:00 PM

Haha, changing Pending to Accepted is a beautiful thing. Hopefully we both have over a dozen more chances to do that each.

- 4re
  • Fordham
  • Tuesday, December 04 2007 at 05:52 AM

Have you gone complete there yet? Mine has. I seem to be the only complete that is not an acceptance... I see this as a bad sign.

- PennyLane
  • Oh...
  • Tuesday, December 04 2007 at 07:34 AM

And I am dying about my current obsessions. UT, UF, and FSU. I feel like I will be waiting a while on all 3.

- PennyLane
  • Vermont
  • Monday, December 10 2007 at 07:22 AM

congrats to you too on all of your acceptances! good luck with the rest of your cycle!

- calirestinpeace
  • Congrats!
  • Monday, December 10 2007 at 07:47 AM

Just my my acceptance to VLS today too. Looks like you'll have tons of options so good luck with the rest of your cycle!

- nextime
  • thanks
  • Tuesday, December 11 2007 at 05:43 AM

Good luck to you as well. You applied to some amazing schools and i'm sure you'll get into all of them!

- chrisny7
  • Number Twin
  • Wednesday, December 12 2007 at 05:25 AM

I got deferred at 'Bama yesterday too, good luck on the rest of your cycle!

- jalex519
  • Bama
  • Wednesday, December 12 2007 at 08:22 AM

I always looked at a deferral as more of a "next year" type of philosophy instead of we're waiting for the rest of this cycle to play out. I thought it was a waitlist, but either way, it's better than a rejection.

- lukecwaters
  • PACE
  • Wednesday, December 12 2007 at 10:32 AM

Congratulations on your admit to Pace! Were you early decision or rolling?

- larsonney72
  • Hello there
  • Monday, December 24 2007 at 07:42 AM

Wow, the cycle is great for you...More great news will come for you. Happy Holiday

- haitian
  • Congrats on University at Buffalo Accept
  • Wednesday, December 26 2007 at 12:38 AM

CONGRATS ON YOUR UNIVERSITY AT BUFFALO LAW SCHOOL ACCEPTANCE ! I am a first year student there and it is a terrific law school ! All my profs are IVY League or TOP 10 Law School grads ! On January 8th we go back for the 4 week Bridge Term unique to UB. The Bridge Term for first year students has a focus on legal research including intensive workshops on West Law and Lexis Nexis. I will also be able to take an intensive workshop on mediation ! And the tuition, especially for a NYS resident, is FANTASTIC. A strong 2nd Tier school, fabulous faculty, and tuition that won't make you a pauper the rest of your life make University at Buffalo a strong option for you. Best wishes !!

- tortguy
  • University at Buffalo Law
  • Thursday, December 27 2007 at 12:33 AM

Thanks for your note. There was a recent article in the Wall St. Journal which said that if you can't get accepted into a Top 30 school, then go to a fine public law school where you will get a great legal education at a terrific price. That clearly spells out University at Buffalo Law School !

- tortguy
  • Housing at UB Law
  • Friday, December 28 2007 at 08:24 AM

Housing is plentiful at University at Buffalo. I live in an apartment with another law school student. We each have our own bedroom and each have our own bathroom. We share a kitchen a living area. It is a 5 minute walk to the law school. All housing is newly built.

- tortguy
  • University at Buffalo Law School
  • Sunday, January 06 2008 at 08:18 AM 2008 ratings have just come out... UNIVERSITY AT BUFFALO LAW SCHOOL RATED 29TH IN THE NATION WITH REGARDS TO EMPLOYMENT AT GRADUATION !

- tortguy
  • University at Buffalo Law
  • Monday, January 07 2008 at 11:13 AM

Thanks for your note ! I hope to see you here next year !

- tortguy
  • Wisc
  • Thursday, January 10 2008 at 05:42 PM

Have you considered applying to Wisconsin at all? It's a great school and is probably worth a shot. Either way, good luck with the rest of your cycle!

- thelawnoob
  • q
  • Tuesday, January 15 2008 at 12:20 AM

did u ever receive email regarding ABA scholarship information?

- iwill
  • iowa
  • Friday, January 18 2008 at 12:41 AM

Will you attend Iowa???

- truterry
  • Hofstra Minority Scholarship
  • Tuesday, January 22 2008 at 09:35 AM

Is that a good sign from Hofstra? I just got the same letter asking me to apply for a full minority scholarship--which seemed weird because I haven't heard anything about being accepted to the dag on school yet!

- nwalker
  • Cardozo...
  • Sunday, February 03 2008 at 01:02 AM

waitlisted you with the fee waiver? Were you seriously considering it? I'm worried they might WL me with the fee as well--I had no interest prior to the free app. YP, I guess!

- prettypithy
  • Monday, February 04 2008 at 05:54 AM

..on Tennessee!!! You must be excited! Keep up the great cycle!!!

- drew82abndiv
  • awesome
  • Tuesday, February 05 2008 at 08:03 AM

I lookforward to meeting ya....

- srs38UB22
  • Very Jealous
  • Wednesday, February 06 2008 at 08:28 AM

Congrats on Tennessee, I'm Jealous

- Redemption08
  • Monday, March 03 2008 at 08:39 AM

Congrats on your decision to attend University at Buffalo Law School in the fall ! Will look forward to seeing you at the top public law school in the northeast ! And the weather hasn't been bad this year !!!

- tortguy
  • Emory..
  • Monday, March 03 2008 at 08:48 AM

Sorry to hear about that! How did the notify you?

- onfo
  • Buffalove
  • Monday, March 03 2008 at 11:15 AM

Congratulations on your decision to attend UB this fall. I know it's a big decision - as I have yet to put that little "A" next to my name (but I swear it'll happen one of these days). And congrats on your scholarship award too, that's huge for a school with already low tuition.

- buffalaw
  • UB
  • Tuesday, March 04 2008 at 07:40 AM

I will prpbably be seeing you at UB in August. Are you living on or off campus?

- Rutgers4me
  • Tuesday, March 04 2008 at 02:52 PM

I will be living on campus as well. I hope to see you there. Will you be going for admitted students day? My e-mail is included as well. Please keep in touch.

- Rutgers4me
  • UI or UB?
  • Thursday, March 06 2008 at 12:26 PM

So, which one are you going with? Those are some good choices to have.

- moogs15
  • !!!
  • Friday, March 07 2008 at 05:52 AM

I know! Honestly the whole thing is strange to me. I called American about a month ago because I was having postal service problems and they said they hadn't made a decision yet.

- etmerian
  • Iowa
  • Friday, March 07 2008 at 05:52 PM

Hey congrats on the Iowa scholly. I'm at U. of Iowa now working on a graduate degree, but I'm withdrawing and going to law school instead. Iowa City is a nice little town, and the campus is really nice. It's just too cold for my family, so we have to go back to the South.

- folkysaint
  • Wow!! BLS?!!
  • Wednesday, March 12 2008 at 06:18 AM

Congrats on Bklyn and all of the other acceptances since! I hope that you'll stick w/UB though! :) But if not, i understand...

- Alisha724
  • Great cycle
  • Thursday, March 13 2008 at 02:02 PM

thus far. Congrats on all the acceptances and $$!! And BOO to all the schools rejected you, they SUCK!! lol, good luck on the rest.

- philzaga
  • UB Law Courses
  • Monday, March 17 2008 at 04:36 AM

All 'first year's' at UB Law take the following courseses in the fall: --Property --Torts --Criminal Law --Legal Writing and Reasoning Also UB Law has a unique Bridge Term for 3 weeks in January...this is not optional but engages students with the practical sides of the law each of their three years. All first years work with the law librarians during those three weeks and become adept with serious research and use of Westlaw and Lexis. All the best !

- tortguy
  • thanks!
  • Monday, March 17 2008 at 08:01 AM

On Stetson...I don't think I'll visit since I think Miami is a better option for me and they isn't really a big tuition difference. I'd rather practice in South Florida than Tampa/Orlando so I think I'm better off at Miami.

- etmerian
  • thanks
  • Tuesday, March 18 2008 at 01:48 AM

hey thanks... congrats on your acceptances too. yeah... st. john's is kinda weird.. i heard nothing from them at all until an acceptance package came in the mail one day

- shinjuku
  • I'll miss you at UB..
  • Thursday, April 03 2008 at 05:39 AM

but that's ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS that you got a full ride @ Temple. Congratulations!!

- Alisha724

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