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Application Information

F - Fee Waiver, A - Attending, W - Withdrawn, D - Deferred
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# Law School Status Type $$$ Sent Received Complete Interview Date Decision Updated
#77 Rutgers State University Newark Accepted W Type: RA Sent: -- Rec: -- Comp: -- Inter: -- Dec: -- Upd: 13 years
#77 Georgia State University Accepted W Type: RA Sent: 01/02/08 Rec: 01/07/08 Comp: 01/14/08 Inter: -- Dec: 02/15/08 Upd: 13 years
#63 Brooklyn Law School PT Accepted W Type: RA Sent: 10/01/07 Rec: 10/03/07 Comp: 10/08/07 Inter: -- Dec: 04/04/08 Upd: 13 years
#55 Florida State University Accepted D W Type: RA $1,000 Sent: 11/15/07 Rec: 11/16/07 Comp: 11/28/07 Inter: -- Dec: 03/07/08 Upd: 13 years
#52 University of Tennessee Knoxville Accepted A Type: RA Sent: 09/29/07 Rec: 10/09/07 Comp: 10/18/07 Inter: -- Dec: 03/12/08 Upd: 13 years
#46 University of Florida Waitlisted W Type: RA Sent: 11/15/07 Rec: 11/15/07 Comp: 12/04/07 Inter: -- Dec: 03/24/08 Upd: 13 years
#46 American University PT Accepted W Type: RA Sent: 10/02/07 Rec: 10/04/07 Comp: 10/19/07 Inter: -- Dec: 11/21/07 Upd: 13 years
#59 Temple University Waitlisted W Type: RA Sent: 10/19/07 Rec: 10/22/07 Comp: 10/29/07 Inter: -- Dec: 01/11/07 Upd: 13 years
#88 St. John's University Waitlisted W Type: RA Sent: 10/01/07 Rec: 10/04/07 Comp: 11/01/07 Inter: -- Dec: 03/24/08 Upd: 13 years
#55 Cardozo-Yeshiva University PT Accepted W Type: RA Sent: 10/01/07 Rec: 10/11/07 Comp: 11/13/07 Inter: -- Dec: 02/14/08 Upd: 13 years
#68 University of Richmond F Intend to Apply Type: RA Sent: -- Rec: -- Comp: -- Inter: -- Dec: -- Upd: 13 years
#27 Fordham University PT Rejected Type: Sent: 10/01/07 Rec: 10/01/07 Comp: 12/03/07 Inter: -- Dec: 12/13/07 Upd: 13 years
#36 George Mason University F PT Rejected Type: RA Sent: 10/02/07 Rec: 10/04/07 Comp: 10/29/07 Inter: -- Dec: 01/08/07 Upd: 13 years

Applicant Information

  • LSAT: 159
  • LSAT 2: N/A
  • LSAT 3: N/A
  • LSAC GPA: 3.54
  • Degree GPA: 3.92
  • School Type: State
  • Major: Recording/Music Business
  • Class Rank: N/A

Demographic Information

  • City: Nashville
  • State: Tennessee
  • Race: Human
  • Gender: Woman
  • Years out of Undergrad: Other

Extra Curricular Information


Additional info & updates

Was testing between 160-168 leading up to the test... my score was a bit of a let down.

I invite anyone to leave feedback or advice about my choices.

I want to go into Entertainment Law or Intellectual Property (focusing on copyright).


It is SO nice having things done early.

11/01/07: I have still not gone complete at American and St Johns and it looks like others have. I will call and find out whats going on.

11/02/07: Spoke to a nice woman at St Johns, she said my application is fine and I am complete. I guess it was just a glitch.

11/07/07: Spoke to someone at American, I have been complete for a while, I just never got the e-mail . I am not too worried about the other schools yet, it does not seem as though there have been mass "you are complete" notices sent.

11/23/07: Got home from Thanksgiving to see an acceptance to American! I got a WL there last cycle, so it is nice to get some love. It also helps my theory that I had such bad luck last time because of my super late apps. I don't think I'll attend American, but it is nice to get in. I'll have to wait and see how the rest of the cycle goes. (8x10 US Priority Mail envelope with acceptance folder inside. No call or email)

11/26/07: Got email from UF asking me to complete their application process. I filled out their forms and submitted my app fee. It took 11 days from when I submitted my app, but Thanksgiving was in there somewhere.

11/28/07: Got email from FSU saying I didn't send a residency form. Geez. I can't believe I missed that... but I'm a TN resident so I didn't think I needed to do one.

12/07/07: Called UF and FSU today. Apparently I went complete and FSU on the 28th. The residency form did not delay anything.

12/10/07: People with numbers close to mine who also went complete when I did have started getting into FSU. PLEASE CALL ME TOO!

12/13/07: Rejected from Fordham. I was in no way expecting to get in, but it still stung. I am really hoping for some good news before Christmas... but not expecting that either.

12/17/07: UF is now reviewing my app. The email said I will have a decision "between now and early April." I am guessing April.

1/16/07: Called FSU, just to be neurotic. My file is "with the committee." She said it could take 6-8 weeks to get a decision. Hmm. Maybe she is trying to tell me something.

1/30/07: On "hold" at FSU. I won't get a decision until the end of May.

02/15/07: Acceptance call from Cardozo! Woo! Only down side is I would have to start in May. Any thoughts?

02/19/07: Got Cardozo acceptance packet in the mail. Very cute clear 8X10 envelope with info packet inside.

02/19/07: Got waitlist from Temple. I was actually WLed several weeks ago, but it was sent to the wrong address so I just got the letter. I applied FT/PT (FT preference) but the letter did not indicate from which I was WLed. Going to try to clear it up this week.

02/20/07: In at GSU! Came in a small white envelope. Nice state school... but I am REALLY pulling for UT/FSU/UF.

03/07/08: I GOT INTO FSU! Phone call acceptance... packet on the way... ASD April 11th! I should be able to get in-state 2&3L. I AM GOING TO LAW SCHOOL!

PS: For the record.... I could still be swayed by UF and UT!

03/11/08: Just noticed I got a random $1000 from FSU. Awesome. I'd love more to help cover out-of-state tuition.

03/18/08: Visited Cardozo.... very nice.

03/19/08: GOT INTO UT!!!!!! OMG! Only 82K for tuition + COL for 3 years... lovely! 8x10 white envelope with letter and invite to admitted students day. I think this might be it.

3/24/08: Got waitlisted at UF and St Johns. I never cared about SJU to begin with so no worries there, and UF just makes the UT decision easier. Over all I am very happy with this cycle.

04/04/08: In at Brooklyn. It was my 1st choice last cycle.... my how things have changed. I with be withdrawing soon from most of my schools.

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Thanks for the vote of confidence!
Thursday, August 24 2006 at 04:13 PM

You're gonna kick ass, too! I think the adrenaline of test day will actually help you. I think it's going to help me so let's just work with that theory ;)

good luck
Wednesday, October 18 2006 at 08:13 PM

kick this cycles' a$$

Tuesday, January 09 2007 at 09:25 AM

what's going on? long time no talk... Is GULC knocking down your door? where are the updates! lol, ttyl

Good Luck!!
Thursday, March 01 2007 at 09:21 AM

We have similar numbers, applied to a lot of the same schools and both applied late in the cycle. Bonne Chance!!

Wednesday, March 07 2007 at 04:55 AM

You went to MSTU? Correct? Sorry, random I know. But I saw "Recording Industry Business Major" as I was browsing LSN and checked you out. My sister was a RIB major at MTSU, graduated about 2 years ago. She starts buisiness school in the fall, but for a while she was battling between that and law school to do Entertainment Law.

Wednesday, March 07 2007 at 04:57 AM

Oh, and best of luck! I'm looking at Vandy (not for this cycle though) I LOVE Nashville!

Wednesday, March 14 2007 at 07:18 PM

and congrats on USF! I am sure you have quite a bit more news coming your way - best of luck!

Thanks and Congrats!!!
Wednesday, March 14 2007 at 08:07 PM

As far as advice goes... Work your applications if you haven't heard anything after a reasonable time. It may have only been a coincidence but I found that after calling to check on status and transmitting FAFSA on more than one occasion I got a response within a week. Good luck!!

What and Where
Tuesday, March 20 2007 at 09:43 PM

I'm interested in International Law, and my fingers are permanently crossed so that I get into Georgetown off the preferred waitlist. How about you? Where would you most like to go?

I'm finally up...
Monday, March 26 2007 at 03:24 PM

Per your request I've finally fed my numbers into the system. Letter are coming out this week...I can't wait to see where you get in!

Good Luck!
Monday, April 02 2007 at 04:17 PM

I'm sure you'll get into a great school!

Wednesday, April 11 2007 at 06:10 PM

That's a tough bunch in Newark.

99Don Imus
Wednesday, April 18 2007 at 04:09 PM

tattoos man.

Thursday, April 26 2007 at 09:36 PM

Loyola doesn't call or e-mail. The only way to get your decision from them is by mail. I don't think they rejected you. You're probably either waitlisted or admitted.

Sunday, June 17 2007 at 07:28 AM

on Brooklyn!

Wednesday, August 01 2007 at 07:12 AM

If you can add at least a couple of points to your next LSAT, I think you stand a good chance at most of your choices. Vanderbilt and Georgetown being the exceptions. It looks like you might need to about 5+ points for a good shot at those schools. I'm no expert, but it doesn't seem to me that any of the DC schools you've chosen offer much in the way of entertainment law. I saw only a couple of courses, at best, offered at American and all the "George..." schools. And without a hard science background, I'm not sure solely focusing on IP is a good idea nowadays. Again I'm no expert and don't really have an interest in either of these fields, but it seems to me there are better choices if you're really interested in entertainment law.

99logged user
Wednesday, August 01 2007 at 09:31 AM

For Copyrights and Trademarks you do not need any science background... infact it is not even completely required with patents (just to sit for the patent bar). I have a friend taking the patent bar and doing IP who assures me that it is not needed. I also have discussed this with several enterainment lawyers that work with IP and have no tech backgorund. As for Entertainment, there are not many good schools that have big programs. Its a bit of a niche field. Going to a school with a good rep and making the right connections is fine. I was a Recording Industry major, so I have covered all the angles. I have thought about Loyola... but I don't want to be in LAsame concept with U of Miami. Brooklyn has a good "IP, Media, & Entertainment" program so I really would not mind going there. I am appling to most of those schools PT, so you can lower the 25/75 on them by several points when guessing my changes. For example GULC goes from 171/167 to 167/162, GWU from 166/163 to 164/161, and Fordham goes from 167/163 to 163/160. I know my numbers are still a bit low, but a girl can dream right?

Fordham PT
Tuesday, August 07 2007 at 06:11 AM

We have pretty similar numbers so, here's to us getting Fordham PT. Good luck this cycle!

Tuesday, August 07 2007 at 06:19 AM

kind of funny how degree GPA/LSDAS GPA kind of matches. I wonder how that will work out. I think your list is pretty good. Most of my schools I am just applying full-time because I don't really want to live in DC or anywhere else but I have to have somewhere if I don't get into FL.

Wednesday, August 29 2007 at 09:27 AM

thx for the encouragement...yeah, well see about american. honestly, ill prob stay in TX, b/c thats what ill be able to afford.

Sunday, September 02 2007 at 05:18 AM

I'm from upper Northeast TN.

We are clones!
Wednesday, September 05 2007 at 10:03 PM

Best of luck this cyle... our numbers are eerily similar!

Tuesday, October 02 2007 at 07:06 AM

full time, its literally down the street from me and I dont make enough to warrant the extra year...I may accept PT tho depending on discussions with my fiancee on where shed like to internship. I'd apply to all of these this second but I have a prof that has a book deadline, and so is late with his LOR :(. May I ask how quick rutgers was for you?

Tuesday, October 02 2007 at 08:44 AM

I'm wicked stressed over this, and aside from LSD telling me to just not go cause I cant get into t25, which I find elitist and not realistic, I have no idea where to go. If I get into St. Johns Im close to home, but If I get 40k+ from Hofstra its definitely a possibility...however rutgers is more affordable then both and I dont have to keep a 3.3 or whatever above the curve hofstra requires... but hour and a half commute. This whole process is making me grind my teeth at night, and I have no idea if any of the conflicting info is right :(

Monday, October 08 2007 at 05:45 PM

A qucik question for you, what do you consider "complete"? They day your report is processed or the day the school tells you you are complete?

Tuesday, October 09 2007 at 05:32 AM

Hi Penny! Good luck this cycle. :) UT *just* requested my report late last week. They also sent me an email saying they received my app. It took a long time though; I applied pretty early.

Wednesday, October 10 2007 at 12:31 PM

They also just requested mine late last week, so I guess they are both just getting started now. They did not send me an email or card or anything.

U of Tenn
Tuesday, October 16 2007 at 08:34 PM

Hey Penny. I'm not sure what you mean exactly by have I thought of U of Tenn? I finished my app there two nights ago and probably would place it somewhere like 5 or 6 out of my 10. As far as state schools, UGA would be my first choice. I never had a true desire to attend UGA but since turning in my app, this rush has come over me! let me know how your apps go!

Good luck!
Wednesday, October 17 2007 at 01:17 PM

Love seeing you on LSD :)

Sunday, October 28 2007 at 07:56 PM

Numbers Twin, As Tom Petty says, "the waiting is the hardest part." I just wanted to see how everything was going. I know that you went through the cycle last year, any advice on how to deal with rejection?!

hi penny!
Monday, November 05 2007 at 03:21 PM

I'm crossing my fingers for you to get in where you want to! I love your posts on LSD. best of luck

Complete at Cardozo
Wednesday, November 07 2007 at 07:54 AM

I e-mailed them (I don't think they would have informed me otherwise).

Wednesday, November 14 2007 at 03:10 AM

That would be so neat if we ended up at UF or FSU. I would love to go to a school with someone I met on LSN, how cool would that be? And as for GULC, I don't really have a shot. Only 1 person got in last year with my numbers. Not a great predictor of my success there. You are going to get a LOT of acceptances this year. I'll keep an eye on your profile. Good luck!

Bearly Luck!
Wednesday, November 14 2007 at 03:43 AM

Yah! Yah! Good luck to yas! If we both end up in NYC, we'll chill!

Cardozo Complete
Wednesday, November 14 2007 at 07:25 AM

They just e-mailed me yesterday ti say my file was complete. I was really worried because I didn't know if my dean's letter was in yet. But yes, it was through e-mail. Hope this helps.

Hi Penny
Wednesday, November 14 2007 at 11:47 AM

thanks for the note (and the offer!)

Thursday, November 15 2007 at 11:58 AM

I don't know about you, but seeing all of the people that sent in their apps after us go complete is killing my nerves. Hopefully, those are conjectures instead of real e-mails :)

Friday, November 16 2007 at 04:33 PM

Nah, I am not worried that something is wrong exactly for the reason you gave. It just annoys me that I called earlier this week and the lady said they would be sending e-mails by the end of this week and well, it's friday night and I don't have anything :)

Friday, November 16 2007 at 06:27 PM

I'm glad UT is starting to review now! How was the campus?

Friday, November 16 2007 at 09:31 PM

That's great news!!! You really just made my night. Everyone else has been getting decisions so I'm really freaking out. I see that they started notifying people last year a couple of weeks from now so hopefully all of us will be in by Christmas. Did you enjoy your visit? Let me know positives/negatives.

Sunday, November 18 2007 at 07:20 PM

Congrats LSD/LSN buddy! I did some checking and found out that last cycle UT-Knox began sending out decision around the last day of November.

Monday, November 19 2007 at 03:40 AM

That's interesting. I don't like all these schools sending stuff out later, it needs to be now!

Good Luck!
Monday, November 19 2007 at 05:21 AM

Good luck fellow LSDer! I see you have a huge gap between your degree GPA and your LSAC GPA! Damn that first year. Im 3.53(3.87)! I see you already got accepted to one, so good luck!

Monday, November 19 2007 at 06:51 AM

I am glad to hear that they do that, because my first 28 hours turned out at 2.81, and my latest 80 are at like 3.87, so I hope they consider that!! Well good luck, you will do awesome!!

Monday, November 19 2007 at 01:11 PM

Greetings from LSD! Why did you turn down NJ last cycle?

Tuesday, November 20 2007 at 11:43 AM

Let's hope they start sending them out soon. :) Is that your first choice?

Tuesday, November 20 2007 at 03:11 PM

Worried now?

Our favorite school
Tuesday, November 20 2007 at 03:18 PM

1. You are absolutely not an auto reject for the part-time program because if you were that would mean I am also and I am not willing to give up so easily and 2. With further analysis I noticed like you said that a) nobody was part-time b) all of them sent in their apps before us except for one person that sent it one day later than me but with a 173 and like a day earlier than you. So, it's not too bad, it just means that the train is coming :)

Fordham Status Site
Tuesday, November 20 2007 at 03:19 PM

I hate that site. It upsets me every time I go there and I see "Last Updated 08/30/07" AARRRGHHHHHH

Tuesday, November 20 2007 at 03:45 PM

Thanks!!! :-) i was really excited to get in SOMEWHERE; it takes a little bit of the pressure off to know that I AM going to law school. I kept having these dreams that my LORs would be awful or something and i wouldnt get in anywhere! I am sure with your numbers you have a really good chance of getting in there as well! (esp if you are a resident!!!) good luck with the rest of the cycle!

Tuesday, November 20 2007 at 03:46 PM you want to go into entertainment law? i noticed the music business background... I am from nashville as well...hope to end up back there soon or eventually!

Tuesday, November 20 2007 at 03:56 PM

all my apps (with the exception of BU) were done by Nov 3 and i was complete at UT by Nov 13, complete at Cardozo by the 15th... and still havent gone complete at fordham... sorry i havent posted... I have been just all over the place this semester with these applications!

Tuesday, November 20 2007 at 03:58 PM

i REALLY hope so...i think my GPA pulls me down a bit which makes me very nervous...but i am keeping my fingers crossed!!!!

Congrats On WCL
Saturday, November 24 2007 at 05:07 AM

Congrats on AU. I'm sure you'll have a great cycle.

Saturday, November 24 2007 at 09:47 AM

CONGRATS!!!!!! :) I knew you'd hear soon.

Thanks and congrats
Saturday, November 24 2007 at 01:36 PM

Thanks for the congrats! And congrats to you as well! Best of luck on the rest of the cycle!

Sunday, November 25 2007 at 05:08 PM

Why thank you friend! I see you're in at American, wow! Nice!

Sunday, November 25 2007 at 05:30 PM

Where does UT-K stand for your services? I know you're from TN, but I want an honest assessment, I have heard they have amazing facilities.

Sunday, November 25 2007 at 06:45 PM

on American! That's going to be the first of many!

Good luck
Sunday, November 25 2007 at 07:08 PM

See all your post on LSD; good luck to you. Envious of your focus and direction. Good luck!

Good luck
Sunday, November 25 2007 at 07:08 PM

See all your post on LSD; good luck to you. Envious of your focus and direction. Good luck!

Re: Fordham
Sunday, November 25 2007 at 08:26 PM

Thanks for your post. Good luck with your apps!

Monday, November 26 2007 at 04:19 AM

on AU and Rutgers and I'm sure you'll get into Mason and the rest easily!

Monday, November 26 2007 at 05:13 AM


Monday, November 26 2007 at 05:26 AM

Do you know when you went complete at Rutgers. I know they didn't contact me...but I called to make sure they received my deans certificate... Thanks!

Good Luck!
Monday, November 26 2007 at 07:48 AM

I just added you to my watch list - b/c I like your posts on LSD. Good luck in all your apps!

Monday, November 26 2007 at 12:03 PM

My goal is probably Virginia but I'm not even sure. Don't think that will happen though. Would you prefer going Part-time or full-time??

Monday, November 26 2007 at 01:03 PM

on American! If you get into full-time programs, would you still consider American's PT?

numbers twin
Tuesday, November 27 2007 at 06:56 PM

We're practically twins! Congrats on American!

Thursday, November 29 2007 at 12:25 PM

Hey, congratulations on American. I'm sure it's the first of many. Which is your top choice?

Friday, November 30 2007 at 05:56 AM

I've been pleasantly surprised by Loyola. Last class of the semester was last night, so I'll probably be cursing everything about the school for the next 10 days as I prepare for finals, but every one of my professors is great and so are my classmates, for the most part. My opinion may change later in the year, but for now things are good. I think UT's a great choice. I have family near Nashville and think it'd be a great place to live and practice law. You've got the numbers, so I'm sure you'll get the good news soon.

Double True!
Friday, November 30 2007 at 03:48 PM

I can't believe they haven't accepted us yet! What's the dealio?

Friday, November 30 2007 at 04:01 PM

GJ on American

No Doubt
Friday, November 30 2007 at 04:36 PM

You'd think they'd just auto-admit us on principle alone. Heck, I'm freakin' awesome and you're not too shabby either ;)!!!

Friday, November 30 2007 at 07:09 PM

Good Luck on Mason and FSU! And the rest of your cycle... I'm still awaiting word from Mason. I didn't send a residency form to FSU...

Sunday, December 02 2007 at 06:59 AM

Dayum girl, 2 acceptances already? ballllliiiinnn!

Sunday, December 02 2007 at 03:51 PM

penny I'm so excited for you! I hope this trend continues.

Monday, December 03 2007 at 04:43 AM

The wait is killin me!!! No acceptances yet! Im hopin UGA will decide this week...I will add my stats when I know Im goin to law school :-)

Tuesday, December 04 2007 at 04:03 AM

I'm nervous. :( Another round went out at Fordham!! This site is making me crazy! ;)

Fordham complete
Tuesday, December 04 2007 at 08:02 AM

I was never notified that I was complete at Fordham, but when they called they said I was. I did notice though that the acceptances seemed to have numbers that are well above their medians, so maybe they are just accepting the true auto-admits right now?

good luck
Wednesday, December 05 2007 at 10:44 AM

hey, we have similar numbers and both wanna do entertainment/intellectual property law. just wanted to say good luck with everything, i was testing in the same range and my score was a letdown too. anyways, best of luck

Congrats on American
Wednesday, December 05 2007 at 11:54 AM

I'm late on this, but congrats on getting into American. DC is one the most under-rated cities.

Thursday, December 06 2007 at 11:12 AM

You forgot to send in your residency form? Poor girl. I accidentally sent two of them in.

Thursday, December 06 2007 at 05:40 PM

I really can't believe that some schools (my #1 included) still make you send in your payment via check AND make you send in your certification form. Why can't this all be taken care of online by LSAC?

Thursday, December 06 2007 at 05:55 PM

2 acceptances! Good job! Good luck with the rest.

Friday, December 07 2007 at 06:49 AM

Congrats on Rutgers, and American. I'm sure you'll get some better acceptances though. Good Luck!

Just checking in...
Friday, December 07 2007 at 02:37 PM

Hope all is well... let's get George Mason!

Thanks Penny!
Saturday, December 08 2007 at 09:24 PM

You are like pure awesomeness compressed and giftwrapped into a tinny, cute package!

Monday, December 10 2007 at 05:38 AM

on American. Saw you at many occasions, here, LSD... seems that American is not your first choice, so good luck with the rest!!

Monday, December 10 2007 at 07:15 AM

...on American, and hope you hear more good things soon! haha on the other hand, I am waiting to hear SOMETHING from ANYONE

Congrats for you!
Tuesday, December 11 2007 at 09:21 PM

Look at you in at American!! Congrats and thanks for the Suffolk congrats!!! So I'm wondering when we need to start banging down the doors at UT??

Wednesday, December 12 2007 at 10:31 AM

congrats on your acceptances so far! we have similar numbers but we're not applying to any of the same schools... i guess thats a good thing cus it means less competition! good luck in the rest of your cycle! what's your first choice?

Thursday, December 13 2007 at 07:47 PM

Aahh...I'm sorry you didn't get in...I guess that doesn't bode well for me :(

Thursday, December 13 2007 at 08:03 PM

I am sorry that they flat out rejected you. I checked just before I took a final and was pretty bewildered by what I saw. I am probably not going to be accepted but I still have hope. You have a lot of good schools and I am sure you will get in, hell maybe we will end up at UF together. GOod luck

Saturday, December 15 2007 at 01:28 PM

Ballin'! That's what I'm talking about!

hell yeah
Sunday, December 16 2007 at 01:38 PM

i'm so psyched about nyu - and SO thrilled that my cycle was so short. ED is awesome like that :). i can't wait to see where you end up! don't get discouraged too soon.

Hey Penny
Sunday, December 16 2007 at 05:54 PM

Send in Miami. Miami is the biggest legal market in FL and it's dominated by Miami grads. It's also by the beach ;-) Send it in, you're an auto-admit.

Monday, December 17 2007 at 07:28 PM

Sorry about Fordham :(. You're still going to have a great cycle though, trust me.

Miami FW
Tuesday, December 18 2007 at 02:45 AM

I didn't know I had a fee waiver until I completed the app. You should have it too. On LSAC, put the app in in your shopping cart, but don't check out. It should say app fee waived. Otherwise, it can't hurt to ask for one.

Law School is over rated
Wednesday, December 19 2007 at 05:39 PM

I urge you to run far, far away in the other direction... lol

Thursday, December 20 2007 at 08:52 AM

Thanks for the congrats on FSU. Don't worry that they haven't called you yet. I'm the lowest LSAT to be admitted, that I see, but I have incredible soft factors that I can tell you via PM. Don't worry, you'll get the call. Good luck and congrats on AU!

Hey from LSD
Thursday, December 20 2007 at 08:28 PM

hey there. We have similar #'s. Good luck this cycle and congrats on your acceptances.

Free PennyLane on LSD
Tuesday, December 25 2007 at 05:18 AM

We are trying to get you unbanned on LSD.

Tuesday, December 25 2007 at 08:25 AM

the same thing happened to me on my works on my laptop so i think its a glitch with the IP...either that or them hating on 159's

Wednesday, December 26 2007 at 05:00 AM

Ugh, the same thing happened to me from my desktop. Try a different browser, sometimes that works for me.

Sorry About Fordham
Wednesday, December 26 2007 at 05:38 AM

But Merry Christmas regardless

Everybody loves you!
Thursday, December 27 2007 at 06:24 PM

You'll make a helluva lawyer some day!!

Happy New Year
Monday, December 31 2007 at 01:32 PM

Thanks, best of luck to you too, where are you hoping for most?

Wednesday, January 02 2008 at 07:39 AM

Niiiccce!!! It truly is a really nice school that does damn good in ATL! I fell in love w/ it when I visited!

Thursday, January 10 2008 at 08:55 AM

Hi LSN Friend, I got into American today. Let me know if you're leaning that way. Have a nice day!

Tuesday, January 15 2008 at 02:23 PM

Thanks Penny! You will be getting in soon, I can feel it!

Wednesday, January 16 2008 at 07:49 AM

...on your acceptances and g luck on the rest of your apps.

Saturday, January 19 2008 at 05:58 PM

Why not look at Chapman in CA. With your scores they'd probably even give you some money. Best of luck.

Tuesday, January 22 2008 at 04:20 AM

I expected way more from the month of January. :(

Tuesday, January 22 2008 at 04:26 PM

How'd you go complete so fast? I'm jealous. And good luck!

Wednesday, January 23 2008 at 01:59 AM

No, still not complete. :( The status checker still shows "In Process", and I haven't received any snail mail from them saying I am complete. No love.

Thursday, January 24 2008 at 08:59 AM

I'm thinking it might be because I'm PT. I don't see very quick movement for other PT students either. That's what I'll console myself with for another week or two, then see where things stand. Good luck to you though!

Tuesday, January 29 2008 at 07:01 AM

I heard Lewis and Clark has a really good IP program. I have similar numbers (lower GPA) and applied to some of the same schools. Good luck!

Wednesday, January 30 2008 at 03:19 PM

BOOO! I think you were YPd, too. I'm sorry but I'm sure you'll get in once they sort through the other apps the have now.

Thursday, January 31 2008 at 05:38 AM

WHAT! I can't believe they deferred you.

Friday, February 01 2008 at 08:01 AM

Don't worry about FSU Penny. It stinks in Tallahassee anyways, ask anyone from there! :) Me and you are going to be hanging around til the bitter end of this cycle it looks like. Hope your comfortable :)

Tuesday, February 12 2008 at 04:57 PM

Don't you hate being the person with the highest index that has been deferred at a school? This is my status at Iowa....

Friday, February 15 2008 at 10:01 AM

Hey i have been monitoring this site for a while but just decided to set up an acct since I expect the decisions to start rolling in. Looks like we have pretty much the same numbers, schools, and PT apps going on. Congrats on Cardozo! What are your thoughts on going 'Dozo with no $$??? My boss is a prof there and I sat in on her class last week...I really liked the building and the area. Have you thought about visiting?

More Dozo...
Friday, February 15 2008 at 10:12 AM

I have only heard good things about the May program. I would love to get a head start and begin this summer, especially since I have been out of school for almost a year and have been working. An intern starting at my firm yesterday who began in the May program and he said the workload much more manageable. if you really are going for top 10-15% the May program can't hurt...

cardozo pt
Saturday, February 16 2008 at 11:22 PM

Congrats on Cardozo. You think I have chance since I applied in Dec and my LSAT is two points lower than yours???

the cardozo letter
Monday, February 18 2008 at 08:58 PM

I was thinking of sending the Why letter if I got waitlisted. I hear that it's only effective in that situation and also when I emailed the admissions staff, they said that I should expect a decision by early March. So, given these facts, do you still recommend that I send in the letter now?? Thanks.

Wednesday, February 20 2008 at 07:06 PM

Hi, Congrats on Cardozo. It's a really good school that is on its way up, and you can't beat the location, only 5 blocks from NYU and Washington square park! I think the may program would probably be pretty cool. It allows you to finish in three years and yet have a semi-part time 1L (I believe) this could help in getting used to NYC. Of course you would have to start looking for an apartment real soon :) BTW, why no GWU PT? GWU is considered one of the best non-t14's at IP law and I do think you have a pretty good chance to get in their PT program... they accept apps until march 1st..

Sunday, February 24 2008 at 12:08 PM

Hey I see you are anxiously waiting UT-Knox like me... I talked to the admissions office on Friday and she told me that "they wanted to have it all done by mid March." So I guess we both have to wait a little longer, good luck!

Monday, February 25 2008 at 05:26 AM

I didn't know you got into GSU! Thats Awesome! Very quick turnaround too, like 2 weeks? Very cool! You will like it when you go visit!

cardozo pt
Thursday, February 28 2008 at 04:47 AM

hey do you know when the deposit is due for pt? i got in ft but i really wanna start early so i had them consider me for that.

Friday, February 29 2008 at 05:31 PM

I didn't actually do anything after receiving the letter from FSU informing me that I was deferred, I did however, send in an LOCI in late January prior to receiving the deferral.

good luck:)
Saturday, March 01 2008 at 10:50 AM

Hey, I've seen you post on LSD and then I saw you're name on here so I thought I'd say hi! I am interested in copyright law too! Let me know when you hear from Florida. I haven't heard back from the majority of my schools but I'm pretty sure I'm going to UF. I visited the law school yesterday and everyone was really friendly. Plus I've lived in Gville the past 4 years, and its a pretty fun town. Are you hoping for UT so you can stay in-state?

Saturday, March 01 2008 at 10:55 AM

wow, sorry I'm neurotic about spelling *your (from last post) lol

Wednesday, March 05 2008 at 11:27 AM

hey Penny, i am a fellow LSDer but don't have quite the name recognition you do. anyways, congrats on American! Thats one of my top choices b/c of the whole international law thing. I did get into Tenn as my first acceptance of the cycle (since I retook Feb LSAT)... I would be willing to swap with ya for American. :) Good luck w/ the rest of your cycle. I will add to you to my watchlist.

FSU Fin Aid
Friday, March 07 2008 at 01:09 PM

I submitted my FAFSA in the third week of February. I got an email from them a few days after I was notified by phone (actually on the same day I got my packet) that had an additional need based form that needed to be filled out and mailed in, it was very short and simple and I sent it off the same day I got it.

Friday, March 07 2008 at 04:02 PM

on FSU! :)

Saturday, March 08 2008 at 05:05 AM

I can't tell you how excited I am that you got into FSU!!!! I think that is such a great option for you. Congrats again and hopefully I'll be hearing from them soon. *yikes!*

Thanks and...
Saturday, March 08 2008 at 02:52 PM

congrats on FSU! We found out about the same time. I'm about 90% certain I'll be attending UF though (I'm at UF now for UG)...but still waiting for a few miracles.

Sunday, March 09 2008 at 05:38 PM

I'll probably end up at UF. I've been kinda rooting for FSU and trying to like Tallahassee. But it just isn't happening. What about yourself--would you rather go to UT or UF?

Monday, March 10 2008 at 10:15 PM

I sent you an Email about it.

Wednesday, March 12 2008 at 10:18 AM

Hey did you contact them at all after your deferral?

Thursday, March 13 2008 at 12:33 PM

Ah-ha! So FSU is showing you a little scholarship love, huh? Nice!!! That must have been a great surprise. Congrats. :-)

Thursday, March 13 2008 at 03:30 PM

looks like we applied to a few of the same schools and want to practice the same field of law. Congrats on your acceptances. I'm a bit surprised that you didn't apply to any schools in California. Good luck with the rest of your cycle!

Sunday, March 16 2008 at 10:41 AM

When did you receive your FSU $$$. Did you ask, etc?

Wednesday, March 19 2008 at 07:08 PM

Congrats on UT =)

Wednesday, March 19 2008 at 08:54 PM

on Tennessee, I am torn between them and the other schools I have gotten into so far, whats your feeling on FSU and UT?-I think i'm gonna go to admitted students day on April 11th as well, drop me an email if you wanna know more about a school on your list-I just might go to one of them :)

Thursday, March 20 2008 at 05:30 AM

Hey, congrats on UT!!!!! :)

Thursday, March 20 2008 at 08:23 AM

Hey congratulations on UT... I knew you would get in. The ones you really want always seem to take the longest though... :)

Thursday, March 20 2008 at 10:59 AM

AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH, congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 24 2008 at 08:31 PM

Hey how did SJU notify you? I'm anxious as hell to hear from them. Btw, congrats on your acceptances!

Thursday, March 27 2008 at 09:22 AM

Congrats on UT! Cheap tuition (well, relatively speaking), good're set:) Are you going to ride the WL at Florida? Or have you decided on another school(UT, FSU?)

Friday, April 04 2008 at 04:53 AM

So am I going to be seeing you at Tennessee?

Saturday, April 05 2008 at 11:15 AM

A week ago yesterday. I was going anyway but this really made be overjoyed.

u of tenn
Tuesday, May 20 2008 at 12:32 PM

I was wondering if u had any advice on getting in to UT? If you do and care to share them feel free to send me an email. thank you